Morning Asana

Wake Up, Mummy!

After I told my doctor that I needed to get over all my excuses and get back into yoga to help control the stress that has dominated this pregnancy, and explained again this morning to Kristen that I needed to just get over it and do it, I decided to start today. I begin every yoga practice with meditation. It was not my most peaceful meditation, as a poopy-pants boy kept trying to pry open my eyes, assuming that I was playing our sleeping game. We progressed to the warm ups, which were also difficult as he had decided, once he knew I was awake, to sit in my lap and watch the video with me.

I could not relax. We took a break to change his diaper.

I was completely winded, two minutes into the video, from carrying 28 pounds up and down the stairs, but resumed my practice, desperately seeking the peace I used to find in the slow, controlled movements and deep breaths. Just as I found my rhythm in the movements and rejoiced that I wasn’t as wiped out as I had been when I first (and last) did the video, several months ago, the phone rang. I looked at the clock to realize it was time to go to the park with our friends.

Yoga log: 4 minutes. It’s pathetic, but it’s more than I’ve done since September, and it’s a start on the path to finding relaxation.


4 Responses to Morning Asana

  1. Anonymous says:

    Heh. Sounds like me with Pilates. I try to do my Pilates and someone has to come and sit on my stomach, giving me more resistance than is necessary. Then there is always a phone ringing or running to the potty or sudden baby feeding to take care of.

    It’ll get better. Right? RIGHT????

  2. Laural says:

    Oh, it’s so nice to now we are all in the exact same predicament. I too love to do Pilates and Yoga. However, my yoga tape is 60 min. long so unless I get up at the break of dawn, I really have no hope of doing it without a child hanging from each arm as I struggle to do Proud Warrior (I think that’s what it’s called). I’ve resorted to quickly doing my 20 min. Pilates video without the video so I cut the time to about 12-15 min. That way I can sneak it in while they are eating cereal or something like that.

    Will it ever end? Will it get better? Right now I doubt it. For you see, as soon as my kids get to the point of not bugging me while exercising, I get myself into the mess again and have another baby! Oh well, there is always eternity when we will be in our most perfect state, right?!

  3. feather sky says:

    I’ve never tried yoga or pilates. When I think of either I think of skinny flexible girls tying themselves up in knots with their legs. I’m not skinny and if I bend around like that I’ll end up stuck!!!

    I belt the kids into the stroller, turn the music up on the Mp3 player to drown out their whining, and head out for a walk.

    Gotta do whatcha gotta do 😉

  4. T.K. Wood says:

    Yeah, I have a pilates video that I tried doing while Carter was awake. It only made him more of an acrobat than it made me more physically fit. My new workout is driving to school, parking a few blocks away, and walking up the massive 140 something stairs in 10-15 minutes, sometimes in the freezing cold. It’s not the recommended 45 min/day, but it’s enough to make me feel like having a heart attack. If it weren’t for school, I’d still be trying to perfect his hoop jumping skills while mastering my catching skills.

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