Pregnant Bulemics Anonymous

Hello. I am Proud Mum and it’s been three and a half hours since my last episode. Although my episodes have been very violent and very frequent I’ve managed to keep myself out of the hospital this time and I think I have things under control. I even have one third of a Pedialyte Pop and a glass of water in my stomach. I have nothing planned for today except rest and television so I hope to be able to recover fully. It’ll be another week before I’m back at the doctor’s office and I have only one pill left so I really need to take it easy. That’s my story.


5 thoughts on “Pregnant Bulemics Anonymous

  1. Yesterday I had episodes. Today I mostly just feel sick although i’ve already had one today. The only thing that will stop it long enough for me to find sleep and reliefe of some sort is gravol supository, because orally I can’t keep anything down.

    When I let my persciption laps I would end up in the hospital sometimes over night so be very careful you may even have to make an appointment of have the doc phone it in. I didn’t think it was working cause I was still throwing up all day and what could a few days till my next appointment hurt? It did and I was sorry. I even got a huge lecture from one of the ER doctors.

    Sorry my comment is so long i just worry about the sickies because most (even doctors) don’t understand.

  2. I never got sick with either kid.

    I still hate pregnancies though!!

    I hope you feel better soon. I thought morning sickness was supposed to get better after the 1st trimester. Aren’t you getting near the 3rd trimester?

  3. Ugh. I’m so sorry. I hated the sick part of pregancy the most (the rest of it was no picnic, either, but throwing up several times a day every day is the worst thing ever!!). Take it easy… take lots of naps.. only what? 10 more weeks??? Praying for ya!!

  4. Just know this Heather, the more that you throw up, the more healthy the pregnancy is. This coming from my doctor. With M, who was so early (12 weeks if you remember) and I did not get sick one single time with her. With L, I threw up the whole time and she was full term… I will take the throwing up.

    Hoping you feel better soon! Enjoy the Television!

  5. Thanks for all your support, guys. I haven’t had another episode and it’s been 12 hours. I think I’m in the clear and hopefully this will be the last spell before the baby. I’m 29 weeks along, so I guess I’m kind of running out of puking time. Puking once I week I can deal with, but puking up my guts all night, not so much.

    Anyway, I just wanted to add as an incidental side note that the code word for bulemia is “Mia.”
    Only Cara knows for sure.

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