Random Friday

As Monday was MLK day and my husband actually works for an employer that lets the employees take holidays off, he got to stay home and play with Little Red while I went to work. I had left them with a list of groceries that we needed and included at the bottom “finger foods for playgroup.”

The food they purchased for our gaggle of two-year olds? Cookies and chips. (Not just any kind of cookies, either, but those frosted sugar cookies that taste so good but are so bad for you.) He gave one to Little Red right away, of course, and continued on their afternoon adventure at Nordstrom Rack. “He was so hyper!” My husband complained to me as soon as they picked me up. “The whole time I was trying to pick out a shirt he kept grabbing my face and saying “Look at me, Daddy!”

It was so validating to hear him complain of his exhausting two hours. (But also full of well duh! moments, as I’m not crazy enough to give a two year old a big sugar cookie just before shopping.)


On Tuesday morning I was trying to research dentists in the area that accept our dental plan (can you believe it?!? I’m going to be able to see a dentist for the first time in 8 1/2 years!) I was online, IMing my husband, and on the phone with my friend who actually knew several local dentists. I was trying to correlate her suggestions with the names on the list from the plan’s website and then pass on the information to my husband. Little Red decided it was the perfect time to comandeer the mouse pad so I leaned back and used my belly. It worked pretty well, surprisingly, but drew attention to my belly and soon Little Red had pulled up my shirt and was kissing and talking to WOO. I leaned back further and used my chest. (Our mouse is optical, it wouldn’t have worked with our old mouse.) Of course by then Little Red realized that I was wholly ignoring him and started yelling so loudly that I had to go upstairs to finish my conversation and try the dentist research another day. But I was pleased to see how many surfaces I could use for the mouse.


On Wednesday I learned that Little Red is capable of turning off his tears at the drop of a hat. He had decided that he needed yogurt (NOW!) and although I had already strapped him into his chair and he could see me open the yogurt, it was not going fast enough for him and he was letting me, and the neighbours, know.

“If you want yogurt, you’re going to have to stop crying,” I said as I dished up his snack.

He gulped immediately and said, “yeah,” and did not cry again. It didn’t even take him two seconds to gain his composure.


We’ve been watching a lot of Curious George since I got pregnant (we are huge fans of the movie!) It has occured to us that George was inspired by a young child, and not a monkey at all. I’m not sure that’s what the Rey’s had in mind back in the 60s (but I suspect so) but it is very clear that the modern animators were inspired by their own little ones at home.


It has occured to me lately that these nights of sleep are the best rest I’m going to get for years. Although Little Red’s sleep patterns matched his father’s childhood [lack of] sleep for the first two years, he’s starting to sleep more like I did as a child. Lately he sleeps in until 7 am. WOO is still sitting pretty high so I usually only have to go to the washroom once in the night, and while I do wake up 18 million times to change positions I wake up in the morning feeling as rested as I ever remember being since before I got pregnant with Little Red. I’m trying to make the most of it, and enjoy it, because I’m quite sure this is the best I’m going to feel for many, many years.


My episodes on Wednesday night (set off by food, exhaustion, or a virus? who knows…) reminded me that nothing matters more than health. I’ve recommitted myself to resting more and finding something every day that makes me happy. So what if the toys don’t get put away every night? I’ve also decided that even the things that have really been stressing me out need to be ignored a little more. Things are going to work out and I just have to relax.

Easier said than done, but I’m going to try.

4 thoughts on “Random Friday

  1. I liked this RF. Lot’s of good tidbits about Little Red and WOO in it. πŸ™‚

    It’s always amazing to me how quickly kids can change their moods, especially when they want something. Alyson used to tell me her boys must be manic or bipolar. Now that I have 3 of my own little monsters… er, boys… I can see what she means! One second they’re happy and laughing, the next they are on the floor, screaming like they are dying. Tell them to stop and talk normal or they will be put in bed, they immediately say “Okay” and are smiling again within seconds.

  2. I”m trying very hard not to laugh too much at the fact that your husband reaped the rewards of giving your son a big old sugar cookie. I say serves him right. πŸ˜€ And I love what Little Red was saying to him. If I remember correctly I’ve had moments where my kids have grabbed my cheeks and said that to me too.

    I am way impressed with your mad mousepad replacement skills!

    I’m sorry to say that the turning the tears off is something that my daughter has serious experience in. Man ever is she good at it!

    I promise there will be moments in the future where you will have good sleep too. Maybe even better than what you’ve had lately. At least that’s my hope for you.

  3. Sounds like life with a two-year-old is progressing pretty much as per usual. I love that “tap on/tap off” ability with the tears. You’re making me nostalgic for those days. πŸ™‚

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