My Big Boy

We made a family trip to Target this weekend. The week before, while at Target in Eagle Rock I was dismayed to see that in the training pants section all they had were the Superman underwear. It is a closer Target to our house, and there’s much less travel traffic, but it is typically understocked, so this week we ventured to Burbank.

Just as we expected, we were able to easily find what we sought in Burbank. I am one step closer to being ready to potty train Little Red. He’s been showing readiness left and right for several months, but I’ve been dragging my feet. I never had any delusions of showcasing my child’s intellectual prowess by being potty trained early (I mean no offense to those who are so compelled.) I never had any hangups with the idea of two kids in diapers and I would much rather wait longer than cause emotional damage by trying to train a child on my schedule. That said, I’m not blind to all of his signs and I would be remiss if I ignored this teaching moment because I wasn’t ready, and tried to suppress his development for another six months until I was ready. That, I believe, could be even more damaging.

Buying the training pants takes me one step closer to biting the bullet. I have to get on it, soon, if I’m going to do it, so that there’s a big enough gap between the potty and the new baby that the baby issue won’t become a potty issue.


My in-laws wanted to buy Little Red a big boy bed for Christmas. For about two months they’ve been asking us if we had decided yet which bed we wanted and we kept putting it off because we were too distracted with all the other stuff we had going on. Saturday we were out and feeling good so we decided to look at beds.

I’m not one for spur-of-the-moment purchases, so we had supper before buying it, but we both felt so good about the extendable bed we found (at IKEA, of course.) We’re so excited! We put it together last night and Little Red slept all night in his big boy bed, getting up only an hour earlier than normal, but half an hour later than yesterday. Paul and I each snuck into his room before we went to bed, just to peer at our sweet guy in his big bed. It was a very big moment for us and I know we chose just the right bed. (Completely unintentionally, the boys’ room is completely coordinated with each piece a light wood.) He even slept through RockStarNextDoor’s first late-night guitar practice of the new year without the humidifier as white noise.


And this morning, while I was typing this, Little Red broke a necklace that I had inherited from Paul’s grandmother. “Oh no!” I exclaimed, which made him cry. I picked up the pieces and put them out of reach (I had thought the whole thing was out of reach.) Then I turned to him, he was still sobbing, and said, “I know you didn’t mean to break my necklace. I’m sorry I got upset. Can you tell me you’re sorry you broke my necklace?”

“No thank you,” he sobbed. I love two year olds!


8 thoughts on “My Big Boy

  1. Oh Heather! That last part was so sad, yet it made me laugh so hard!
    Indeed I also love two year olds!

    As for potty training. I feared it with L. I just dragged my feet! Dave and I finally just said we would do it together on a single saturday. So we made absolutely no plans to go anywhere that day. It was so easy! She is done and it was fabulous! No more diapers in my house!

  2. As you know I’ve been dragging my feet to potty train my little girl. I’m thinking as soon as I’m done with this package of diapers I should probably start the potty training thing.

    Good job to Little Red for sleeping in his big boy bed all night long. I think sometimes they’re more ready for it than we are and we’re surprised they do so well.

    I’m so sad to hear about the broken necklace, and even though it’s a sad event his reply to you asking him to say sorry is just precious.

  3. He is so cute and funny! I’m glad you guys are making such big steps! Carter has his own potty chair that he’s too afraid of to sit on without a diaper, but he still tries pulling off his dirty one. So, at least Red’s ready for the big boy potty. I can’t wait to see how much he’s grown. I also can’t wait to hear him talk in sentences. So, get on my mom about getting the house ready for us to come and visit! 😀

  4. We tried to potty train Jaedin WAY too early (25 months old) because I wanted him out of diapers before Jenacy was born. He peed all over the house for a couple days and I decided I’d be happy with two kids in diapers!!

    He was showing signs of being ready to start potty training again a few months later, but it was too close to when Jenacy was going to be born so I didn’t bother, and then after she was born I didn’t have the energy to worry about it for several months.

    So a month before his 3rd bday, and the day after Halloween, we took away all his Halloween candy and devotedly took away all his diapers and then used the candy as his reward for going to the bathroom. It was *SUCH* an easy transition.

    So anyway, what I’m trying to say is, if he’s ready he’ll train. If not, just try again in a few months.

    (but beware of a mistake one of my friends made. Don’t start/stop/start/stop/start/stop a million times. She sucessfully taught her son that if he peed all over the house for a day she’d give him back the diapers. So he kept that up until he was in kindergarten. It was pretty crazy.)


    You have RockStarNextDoor?! He lived next to us when we were in Oklahoma!!! Pound on the wall (that was our secret code for “Hi neighbor!”)

    Now we’ve got DrunkGuyYellingAtPasserbys. He makes us laugh sometimes (but not at 3am).

  5. Every mom needs something to brag about and if your little guy trains early then yay! In my case both my boys had a great vocabulary but took a while to train. They were three.

  6. I enjoyed this post — a lot of exciting developmental steps all tied together. And it is amazing how sweet those “kids say the darndest things” moments can be.

  7. I must gently protest the implications that early potty training can cause emotional damage. Being one who is doing early potty training, I firmly belive it is the method, not the age that makes all the difference. I am not doing this becuase I need to show off how smart my daughter is (that said, of course I think she is brilliant), but it just another thing that she is learning, slowly. THere is absolutely no pressure, she still wears a diaper, but goes in the potty anywhere from 2-5 times a day. She tells me when she wants to sit on the potty. She loves it. IT is fun for her. She claps for herself after she goes potty and is all smiles. When she goes in her diaper, there is no negative comments, faces, or feelings. Of course, potty training a 16 month old takes many months versus some three year old done in a week, but I have seen cases of three year olds with what I could consider “emotional damage” who refusal to comply and use a potty based on the method the parents used. So…I just have to stand up for those of us who do early potty training. Young potty training has advantages like the eagerness to please that younger ones have that tends to wear off as they get older. I am teaching it as a long porcess instead of an event (i.e. “this is the week we are potty training”) so she will be less likely to “regress” when the new baby comes. Sure, it’s not for everyone but it will not inherently damage your kid, we don’t do it to show off or “beat” anyone else. Just my .02

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