My Heartbreak

Friday night my husband went upstairs at about 11:30 to find Little Red huddled in the corner just outside of his bedroom. He was obviously frightened, and in the dark didn’t recognize his Daddy. As Paul approached him to pick him up he fearfully said, “nono!”

Paul soothingly said, “It’s okay, it’s Daddy. Can I pick you up?”

Little Red obliged, and proceeded to tell Paul that he had had a bad dream.

He’s had nightmares since he was born. I wish I could do something.


3 thoughts on “My Heartbreak

  1. Many years ago I read that the Indians used to have their children tell the rest of the story, giving it a happy ending–defeating the monsters or what have you. With my own kids, it worked sometimes. Mostly I’ve decided a person either has bad dreams or doesn’t. I don’t, so have always had a hard time understanding what to do…but maybe that’s why I’m up after midnight tonight because I was left feeling wretched from the book I’m currently reading, but don’t want to give up on because it is, I think worth the reading. [WWII stuff]Now that I’m getting calmed down, I’ll be able to have a good night’s sleep.

  2. That is so sad Heather! I wish I had wisdom to impart, but alas I do not and therefore I will just have to be content saying that I am praying that you guys will have the inspiration you need to help him…

    Hugs from Arizona

  3. Do you know if its monsters or something specific that he’s having nightmares about?

    I saw on a Dr Phil or something a long time ago that there was a little boy having nightmares about monsters so his mom got a aerosol spray can of like Glade air freshener. She called it Monster Spray and she’d have her son spray it around under the bed or in the closet or whatever every night to get rid of the monsters (and make the room smell nice!). I guess it worked for them!

    Would putting a night light in his room help?

    Poor little guy. I hope you find something to help. Jaedin will occasionally have a nightmare, but its fairly rare.

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