Giving it a Flying Chance

I still don’t know.  I’m not in love with WordPress like everyone else.  I’m not in love with New Blogger like everyone at google (but I still love google’s gmail and picasa.)  I guess I just didn’t realize how much I loved Old Blogger.

 Or it could just be that I don’t love change.  Normally I like the adventure of something new, but this timing is just so poor and it just makes me annoyed.  I’m mad at the big bad corporation that’s making arbitrary decisions and forcing us to comply.

Clearly I still have Earthlink issues. 

But you don’t have to be much of a psychoanalyst to figure that one out.  We finally got our service started on January 9th.  Yesterday morning I found a $97 charge from Earthlink on our Discover card, posted January 12th.  Annoyed much?  Oh why yes I was.  In fact, I was so near livid that I decided to calm down by reading some blogs.

I had somehow convinced myself that I was special and that I would be able to skip the blogger force-over because I had been such a loyal blogger for so long.  Yesterday morning I signed into blogger and I ominously knew, as it processed my password, that today was the day.  Of course it was.  I had already had several pieces of bad cyber news that morning, it was a fitting addition to my day.

I just want one boring month.

I just want one boring week.

I’d be happy with one boring day (not because I put off all those calls, but because they were already taken care of.)

In the meantime, I’m trying not to get emotional over all these new little things.  I’m testing the waters over here.  I’m trying out New Blogger. 

And I’m trying to find time to meditate. 

4 thoughts on “Giving it a Flying Chance

  1. WordPress is ok, but you can’t change your template and I don’t like that. I have already reserved my blogs though at wordpress if I want to change at some date in the future. I still have old blogger, and I won’t change it till they make me!

  2. you can change and create a lot of the headers though and that is pretty cool. The template thing bugged me at first, but the power to have whatever I wanted as a header made up for it. It allows for creativity, and a personalizing touch, that is really you, not just some one’s echo of you. (ie a free template you find floating around on the internet).

  3. If you want to pay about $15 you can change your entire template at any time. I opt to just change my header, and that suits me fine. Makes me happy and encourages me to be creative.

    I found that changing my entire template over at blogger was difficult and I would struggle with the html codes. I find that I really enjoy the simplicity of wordpress blogs.

  4. I enjoy the simplicity of wordpress too. I like being able to change my header whenever I want (not that I have…but I could if I wanted!!) It took me a few days to get use to the features, but now I LOVE it! 🙂

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