Perfection, Thou Art My Husband

It isn’t enough, all the virtues I saw in him when we were young and I fell in love.  The beauty of true love is that as time goes on it deepens, and that the more facets we discover, the more there is to love.  I knew he’d be good with children, but I didn’t know there was this level of understanding available in a man.

It was just plain cute when he’d sing to my growing belly before the fetus had ears, but it proved functional.  At birth, when Little Red set out his first wail, my husband said, “it’s okay, Little Guy, Daddy’s here.”  Little Red stopped crying instantly, much to the disapproval of the nurses who scolded my husband.  The bond was formed.

As a small infant, Little Red was regailed with a new made-up song every night by his father.  The tunes always varied, as did the lyrics, but the meaning was the same.  Once there was a little boy whose father loved him very much

This evening when I got out of the shower, I noticed that all the lights were off and my husband was in Little Red’s room.  Little Red had been having a hard time winding down and going to sleep, so there sat my husband, in the dark, beside his bed, making up bedtime stories.  Once there was a little boy who was having a hard time sleeping.  When his Daddy was a little boy, sometimes he had a hard time sleeping, too, so he made up stories until he went to sleep.

 With Number Two on the way, I can’t even understand how my husband’s capacity to be a wonderful father will grow, nor do I understand how my love and admiration of him will grow.  I only know that it will.  In what has been an otherwise gloomy new year, it is such a beautiful piece of hope, and I am so grateful for him.  This will be a good year, and it will be thus because of him alone.

3 thoughts on “Perfection, Thou Art My Husband

  1. Oh my goodness, this is the sweetest thing, the most loving thing, the best thing I think I have seen written about a husband as the father of your child. Makes my heart sing with joy.

  2. That truly is a wonderful thing, and I feel much the same as Sariah. 🙂

    Welcome to the dark side, by the way, muahahahahah…..

    (It does take a little to get used to, but I love it now and would never go back. ) I understand about the band wagon thing, I feel much the same way, and I would have runt he risk of not doing it if I hadn’t been mulling it over for months, and only Karen had switched before me. We’ll still love you if you stay with blogger. 😉

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