On the Move

It’s not February 3rd and I’m not FeatherSky, but I am hereby announcing that we are going to move.  Effective March 1st our rent goes up another $100 despite the fact that real estate has steadily dropped in the past two years. That’s annoying.  Even more annoying is that while the letter is dated January […]


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Can You Hear Me Now?

I realize that not everyone has the same experiences as I do, and that not every baby displays his ability to hear and recognize his father’s voice the minute he is born.  I understand that.  What I don’t understand is how many parents don’t discover that their children are deaf until after the child’s first […]

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Fraternity or Feud?

I think Little Red has a pretty good idea at this point that there’s a baby on the way and that right now his brother is in my belly.  He has, rarely, patted his own belly and said, “hi brother” and only once has he patted my husband’s belly in response to the question “where’s […]

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