Fraternity or Feud?

I think Little Red has a pretty good idea at this point that there’s a baby on the way and that right now his brother is in my belly.  He has, rarely, patted his own belly and said, “hi brother” and only once has he patted my husband’s belly in response to the question “where’s baby?”  We talk about Baby Brother daily, and look at drawings of the growing fetus in our pregnancy book.  Sometimes he will spontaneously come up and kiss my belly (especially if it is exposed) and will most certainly do so if prompted.

I think Baby Brother knows there’s a big brother in the house, too.  When Little Red lets out his characteristic whine and scream to alert the neighbourhood of what a terrible mother I am, the baby has a very special move.  It’s a very X-Files squirm and roll that he only ever does in response to Little Red’s wails. 

When Little Red and I are cuddling on the couch (usually because I’m trying to doze off) is when I am most sure that they each know of the other’s existence.  It varies as to the instigator, sometimes the baby will give a kick, or sometimes Little Red will send an elbow jab his way, but cuddling on the couch almost guarantees that they will start wrestling, leaving me hostage in the middle. 

It’s clearly an omen of things to come, but I don’t know how to interpret the results.  Is this a good thing?  Or is it fair warning of a tumultuous future?


4 thoughts on “Fraternity or Feud?

  1. I think it is a good thing! My girls have finally started wrestling, and they are so darn cute! Playtime is always a good idea, and the fact that baby brother already notices Red, well that I believe is a very good thing. The baby will respond when Red holds him for the first time…

  2. Jaedin was also a screamer (he still is). Jenacy would sleep right through it when she was a baby and my friends would be a little jaw dropped that his noises didn’t phase her at all. I reminded them that she’d been hearing his screams and sudden noises since the day she could hear! She’s use to it!

    Of course, now she mimicks it so I’m trying to curb two screamers…

  3. It’s probably both, judging on my experiences with mychildren. When they play well and wrestle together, it is great and fun. When they don’t, well, it would definitely by described as tumultuous. 🙂 It is sweet that they are developping a relationship already. 🙂

  4. Well, I remember when I was pregnant, and the baby in my belly was responding to the stimulus of voices and pressure, asking another woman if she had experienced the same thing with her girl. “Oh, no. She was very quiet. Never moved around much at all.” I remember at that time wondering what I would be in for when my baby was born. I chose to think of it as a sign of intelligence and curiosity. No doubt it will be the same with your kids.

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