On the Move

It’s not February 3rd and I’m not FeatherSky, but I am hereby announcing that we are going to move.  Effective March 1st our rent goes up another $100 despite the fact that real estate has steadily dropped in the past two years.

That’s annoying.  Even more annoying is that while the letter is dated January 26th, it was not slipped under our door until this afternoon.  That means, yes, you’re right, that with only 28 days until March 1st we can’t get out of even one payment of the rent increase with a 30 day notice.

And then guess what?  Once we move and try to get settled in the month before the baby is born, we get to call Earthlink again!

So while I’m on the topic of real estate in California, let me share a story of a couple of friends of ours who live up in the Bay Area.

They are a dual income family with advanced degrees and a nanny to take care of their kids.  They decided it was time to start looking for a house, and found one they liked, listed at $700,000.  They put in an offer at $675,000.  The sellers counter-offered with $725,000.  The bubble may be deflating, but Californians are still idiots.

We’re staying here because we haven’t gotten what we need from the new job yet.  We’re leaving as soon as we can, and we won’t look back.  And in the meantime I’m hoping our new apartment doesn’t have RockStarPsychoNextDoor, and that we don’t have to say a prayer before reporting any maintenance.


4 thoughts on “On the Move

  1. I am so sorry that you have to move, and I am even more sorry that the landlords are so evil about it. You could actually take them to court over the date issue, but I am sure it wouldn’t be worth it.

    I hope you find yourself a new apartment in a better complex, with more responsible landlords!

  2. Grrrrrr…. as being an apartment manager for so long that just makes me MAD, it’s so WRONG. April is right, but also right that it wouldn’t be worth it, and you’d have to have it documented some how that you didn’t recieve the notice until yesterday, etc.

    I hope things work out for you and you can find a better spycho free apartment, best of luck, we’ll say a prayer for you. 🙂

  3. DrunkGuyYellingAtPasserby’s who lives in the apartment across the sidewalk and RacistIdiots who live upstairs got in a big argument last night at 4am. The argument was so dumb it made me laugh. Ahhhh, apartment dwelling 🙂

    That is sooooooo frustrating that the rent is going up. Can your husband transfer to the same job in another state or anything?

    Were you on a lease with the apartments? Are they allowed to up your rent whenever? I thought they could only up rent at the end of the lease. It might be worth asking around the ward and seeing if anyone is a lawyer that could help you in exchange for brownies 🙂

  4. Good luck. On the basis of your story and also the many shows about flipping houses that originate in California, I’d have to agree with your statement that “Californians are still idiots” (with regard to real estate, I mean). I hope you find someplace better, with no noisy neighbours and frantic landlords.

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