Parenting Philosophy

If I clean the house at night and it’s messy again first thing in the morning, did it really happen?

 More pressingly: it no one sees it clean, does it even matter that I did all that work?

3 thoughts on “Parenting Philosophy

  1. Lol Heather… just remember that when you do clean, it is a blissful feeling, even if only for a little while. All of us who experience this on a daily basis feel the same way you do!

  2. I cleaned the living room SPOTLESS before I went to bed. This morning I wake up at 7am and hear the noise of a PBS show. I go out and find toys thrown around everywhere, clothes on the floor, cereal on the floor, and two kids laying in the mess watching TV.

    Eh, at least they let me sleep in till 7. 🙂

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