Bragging Once More

Little Red went in search of his sippy cup of milk this afternoon, saying “baby’s milk.”  Once he found it, he held it to my belly button and proceded to feed the baby.  This continued for several moments until I finally asked him to stop because there was milk all over my shirt.  “The baby is full, thank you for sharing, sweetie!”  I hope he’ll be so happy to help with the baby once he comes.


6 thoughts on “Bragging Once More

  1. That’s so cute!!

    You know, Aiden had NO interest in the baby when I was pregnant with Dallin. The second he actually SAW his new little brother, he was completely in love. It’s so fun to see how much Aiden enjoys being the big brother and how well he helps out. And Dallin is starting to really get into being a big brother to Parker now. He actually tried to share his sippy cup of milk with Parker the other day and didn’t seem to understand at all why we wouldn’t let him. Hee hee. Brothers are too dang cute!

  2. That is sooooooo cute! Jaedin didn’t understand AT ALL when I was pregnant with Jenacy that we were going to have another baby (much less think that the baby might need to eat milk!)!

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