Love Thursday

Part One

I had been putting it off since December, Little Red’s 2-year blood work.  (His pediatrician said she was issuing the order standard for all her 2-year olds because even some children without the high risk factors are coming up with anemia and lead poisoning and she’d rather find out now than wait and be surprised.)  I knew I needed to do it instead of my husband, but I procrastinated for many reasons ranging from fairly valid to completely wimpy.

One of the reasons I waited was so that he could see me do it several times first.  That really helped.  He knew the waiting room and he recognized the “vampires.”  I sat him up on the chair and he immediately held out his right arm and used his left arm to make sure his t-shirt was not covering the inside of his elbow like an old pro.  Sadly, he has inherited his mother’s veins and even with the help of both of the “vampires” on staff so early in the morning we had to try his other arm because they couldn’t get his right arm to bring the vein to the surface.  He didn’t like that they were holding his arm; the pressure from the tourniquet and Jorge’s hand made him cry more than the needle did.  The procedure was quick — the cbc for a 2-year old only requires one small vial.  They offered him a lollipop afterwards (after clearing it with me which I appreciated!) and as I asked him “would you like a candy?” he pulled his trademark StopCry and said, “yeah.”  It made everyone in the lab laugh.  The lady beside us asked as she pulled up her sleeve if she’d get a sucker, too.  We advised her to cry, as that seemed to increase her chances.

We hung out at Kaiser for two hours on Monday morning as my husband had an appointment, a visit to the nurse clinic, a visit to the pharmacy, and a visit to the lab.  Little Red was better than good the whole time, and had completely forgotten about the owie on his arm.  I was so proud of him, and disappointed that I didn’t give him more credit going in.  I thought it would have been a big trauma and it was nothing.  How did I get such a wonderful child?

Part Two

Tuesday afternoon we got a message from some friends.  They had planned to have their youngest girl’s birthday party on Saturday but as there is a ward activity that day they made a last minute decision to do it Tuesday night and could we make it?  Little Red hadn’t been to Chuck E Cheese’s since the same girl’s party last year, but he remembered what it was and was so excited when my husband told him.  I’m not sure who had more fun, my husband or my son, but we all left happy, an hour after Little Red’s bedtime.  Little Red was so much fun and wasn’t upset at all that we blew off bedtime.

Part Three

There was an altercation at the library on Wednesday morning, with a little girl who stole Little Red’s toy and then hit him after he finally got it back.  She didn’t hit him hard as I was pulling them apart but the whole event was very traumatic for him.  When it came time to leave I had to pry out of his hands the same wooden fire truck that little girl had stolen, as it belonged to the library.  He was very upset and cried nearly the whole way home.  Once home he asked for “race car.”  Jen ran to the van and started looking around the car seats but I knew I had seen it during story time and that we had left his brand new car from Chuck E Cheese’s just the night before, at the library.  She offered immediately to go back and we could look, but the carseat was out of the van and the kids and I were just too tired and too hungry to do it.  I thanked her, but said we’d just go back another day and hope we can get it, after all, it didn’t look like the library toys and the library toys are clearly marked as such.

My husband got off work early just so that he could go to the library and pick it up (an easy task, the lady knew exactly what he was searching before he even finished describing it.)  Yay for Daddy the Hero!  The Chuck E Cheese Race Car (as it is now called by Little Red) slept with him last night.

I love my boys!


2 thoughts on “Love Thursday

  1. I love that. The StopCry. I’m going to remember that name, as my children have that amazing ability, too. At least when it comes to being offered candy. 🙂

    Yay for Super Dad! Glad to hear you got Race Car back.

  2. Yay for Super Dad!!! What’s funny is that Nathan is out on the same task right now! Jaedin got a Lightning McQueen car for his birthday. He absolutely loved it, sleeping with it and playing with it every day. It’s been missing for over a week now. I thought it would turn up, but he must have left it somewhere. So Nathan and Jaedin are out on a hunt to find a new Lightning McQueen! Dads are the best 🙂

    The StopCry cracks me up! Jaedin does that too!!! Boys are so much fun!

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