Two Shorts about the Two Year Old


Little Red cut his foot.  After I cleaned it I put his socks on.  Later his sock had a little bit of blood on it so I replaced the sock with a band-aid.  Little Red said to his sock, “I’m sorry, sock.”


While preparing for our playgroup I was asking Little Red what friends we’d see today.  He listed off Jack and Kyra, and with my prompting Logan.  “What about the Mommies?” I asked and he told me that Jennifer would be there.  “What about Stacey?” I asked.  “Will Stacey be there?”

“No.” he said so very matter-of-factly.

“But Jack will be there?” I prodded.


“How will Jack get there?”

He looked about me with a ‘well-duh!’ expression and said patronizingly, “drive.”

Well duh is right.  I should have known.


2 thoughts on “Two Shorts about the Two Year Old

  1. So much empathy so young! It’s a really good sign, I think. (Then again, with toddlers driving themselves to playgroup, maybe he’s just a normal two-year-old after all.) 😉

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