With Love, from Me to Me

I have one documented experience sleep-walking/talking.  It came at a very interesting period of my life in which I was engaged to someone on a rock in the middle of the largest ocean in the world while I was stranded in the prairie.  The people who I saw most were not those with whom I lived, and those with whom I lived, while I loved them both, were both struggling to find the right balance in their lives, and their anti-depressants.  I used to wonder how I was the most balanced, with my 19 credits, my 19 hour a week job, and trying to plan a wedding, correlating across the continent and beyond but I know that I’ll never truly understand what those girls were going through.

Despite the fact that one of them is quoted as saying “don’t ever live with a music major” and all of my roommates in history have asked “why do you even pay rent?” we all tried to make an effort to be involved in each other’s lives.  We did the best we could, anyway.

After one weekend Marissa returned home from her trip to Wyoming very late.  I had been asleep for a while, but according to legend I awoke when she came home, sat on the bathroom counter, and talked with her about her vacation before returning to bed.  I have no recollection of this on my own, only the mental image I have created after being told the story. 

A couple of days later as I was checking my email account there was an email from me to me.  The message went something like this:

What’s this?  I don’t remember setting up another email account?  Hmmm, I must have done this in my sleep.

The message was sent to me from me through yahoo and I had never previously used a web-based account.  I have, however, used that account as my primary account since then, and now that I think about it I must be coming up to the 8-year anniversary of that account.  It’s funny to think about now.

Who can solve my mystery?  😉

5 thoughts on “With Love, from Me to Me

  1. Ooooh, it’s a parallel universe with time travel stuck in there! You’re just like Desmond!! Soon you’ll be able to “see” the future, too.

    Oooh, wouldn’t that be cool?

  2. I use to sleep talk ALL the time, and occasional sleep walk too. Nathan says that I’ll occasionally start listing off grocery items in my sleep or counting things, but I don’t do it much anymore!

    I somehow set up a yahoo account that I didn’t remember either. Maybe its something with Yahoo!! 🙂

    Maybe, but that isn’t exactly I’m going with this.

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