Finding Nemo

I still can’t get over how much fun it is that my husband gets bank holidays off.  Our original plans, and the reason for which I got off work, got cancelled so we opted for a less-expensive, closer version of the same thing.  In short, we exchanged Sea World for the Aquarium of the Pacific.  (We had been given money to go out to dinner for Valentine’s Day and used it for a year-long membership to the aquarium.  Now we’ll think of Valentine’s Day all year round.)

 We set off early in the morning to make the most of our time before we all wore down for naptime.  Turns out we planned it perfectly, as just as we were winding down the corridors were packed with strollers, wild children, and oblivious parents.  But before the aquarium closely resembled the freeways we had a wonderful time.

We saw that the underside of rays had surprisingly human facial features…


… we caught breakfast time for many fish (Little Red especially loved watching the divers, and said, “come back man!” when they left) …


… and yes, we found Nemo.  Many, many, many Nemos.



9 thoughts on “Finding Nemo

  1. I *LOVE* aquariums!!! How fun to get a year long membership instead of a v-day meal! Little Red and Little boy Blue are going to love being able to go there heaps!!! Can you pet the sting rays? They have an aquaruim down in Chattanooga where you can pet them and Jaedin loved that! The tank with a million Nemo’s and Dori’s is awesome too! I’ll bet they did that on purpose! How FUN!!!

    Yes, they had a couple of tanks for petting sharks and rays. There’s a picture on flickr of Little Red trying to pet them. I’ll admit I was happier to be behind the camera than testing the waters, so to speak. And yes, that tank with the million Nemos and Dorys was a special tank sponsored by this one family, so I agree with you that they must have done it on purpose.

  2. Did you find any Dori’s? At the ABQ Aquarium there is a tank full of Dori’s

    Actually we found more Dory than Nemo. That last tank was devoted to Nemo fish and Dory fish but we also found the Dory fish in several other tanks as it’s a very common tropical fish. Never a tank, however, devoted specifically to Dory, that would be beautiful!

  3. I am with Timber, I love aquariums! We always make it a point to stop at the one in Monterey when we go through… yours sounds fabulous as well!

    Thanks to you. 😉
    We’re pretty big aquarium fans, and having been spoiled with the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago and the Aquarium in Vancouver we waited until we had spent the morning at this one before we decided if we wanted to purchase the membership, after all, why pay the money if it wouldn’t stand up to our high standards?

  4. The underside of rays I think is my favorite. I love how it looks like they’re smiling at you.

    I was gonna mention that I saw a lot of Dory’s in that last picture with all the nemo’s but looks like Eden beat me too it. Though I’m trying to think of which tank at the aquarium here that’s full of Dory’s. Sounds like we’re gonna have to make a trip here soon. Definitely NOT on a holiday though. 😉

    The rays in real life were even cooler, as I watched them move their “mouths” appeared to be eating, breathing, and talking. I’m glad you could still see it in the picture, I was disappointed that it just wasn’t the same as in real life — not to mention getting them to stay posed while I grabbed my camera. hmmm

  5. I love that last photo with all the colourful fish. I hope you have many, many fun visits to the aquarium now that you have your membership.

    I think we will, thank you. Long Beach is a bit of a drive, but if we time things right then the traffic isn’t too bad. (Secretly we’re hoping that Paul’s brother and family move to Orange County which would give us many more reasons to go down to the South Bay.)

  6. Yay for aquariums!! How fun. My kids love fish, too. We usually just look at the fish tanks in Wal-Mart. Sometimes we make a special trip to PetCo or something. Dallin now specifically asks to see the “bisssshhhhh” anytime we’re in Wal-Mart. It’s cute. Hopefully we’ll see more and more underwater adventure pictures from you on Flickr! 😉

  7. Wow that is so great! We are thinking we might do an aquarium membership this year rather than a zoo membership, just for something different. We shall see. 🙂

  8. You inspired me to go to the aquarium yesterday. Took lots of pictures and even purchased a year membership which gets me into the zoo free all year too!

    I wish our zoo and aquarium were linked like that. They’re on opposite sides of the city, totally different prices, and whereas with my zoo membership if Paul doesn’t come I can bring in any other adult, the aquarium is not so leanient. But they’re both so fun!

  9. glad you liked the aquarium.

    I am on the east coast, and GA just finished building one of the biggest aquarium in the US. If you ever get a chance to come to the east coast, you should check them out.

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