Renting Rant

It took two weeks after we got our new phone number for my landlords to make the change in our intercom (although they had told me they’d do it that day.)  I don’t like the new intercom because it comes in through our telephone and I never know if it’s someone at the door or someone calling to say hi.

But at least it worked.

This week, somehow, it doesn’t.  Not only will someone trying to buzz our apartment not get our apartment, but they don’t even get someone in the building.  Instead they’re just ringing some random person’s phone.

What were my landlords even doing fiddling with our intercom line? 

Yes, it entirely possible that I’m extra annoyed because I’ve been up since four and that I’m still annoyed about the rent raise for no maintenance (but believe me, my rent cheque this month will include a letter with my maintenance demands.)

3 thoughts on “Renting Rant

  1. If they’re going to charge you an extra $200 a month, they sure better be putting that money into apartment repairs! Make it worth your money!

    It’s $100 (200 would be illegal as that would be more than a 10% increase) but yes, I’m going to make sure I actually see some of that extra money. I know it’s just because airline prices are going up and they have to fund their yearly trips back to Greece.

  2. I am proud that your rent check will include a list of maintenence demands. I believe that if those demands are not met, you can report them to the city… good luck, it sounds like you have some real winners for landlords…

    Technically they don’t qualify as slum-lords, they’re just … I don’t know how to describe them. And it’s especially hard because they used to be different, and only lately they’ve gotten especially wierd and difficult. I think they’re just tired of being landlords and are taking it out on us!

  3. Yuck!! I hate renting!!! Living in someone’s house while they are on their mission is stressfull…trying to not ruin everything…but at least they aren’t anal! Good luck!

    Good luck to you, too. I’d be so worried about the kids messing up someone else’s furniture…

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