There was a time I liked cats…

… and there was a time when I thought the culprit of our apartment feline odors was the mangy cat of those neighbours who left last fall (you know, those, the ones who were living in filth.)  But they’ve been gone since November and we’ve had two incidents this month.  We’ve officially seen the stray cats wandering our complex.

The most recent incident happened at 4 this morning.  I couldn’t sleep because the smell was so bad (yes, upstairs, the smell permeates everywhere.)  I sprayed and scrubbed and scrubbed and sprayed indoors and out.  You can eat off my floor (although I chose not to even though I was completely famished by then) but I can still smell it a little.

I’m ready for war.  I await all your suggestions.  I’m having a baby in six weeks and will not expose him to such a health hazard.  I’ve reached the point where I will do almost anything…

6 thoughts on “There was a time I liked cats…

  1. Perhaps your pregnancy-heightened olfactory superpowers have something to do with it.

    That might have something to do with my heightened annoyance, but this has been going on for a year before I became bionic.

  2. If you actually see the cats, you can spray them with some water in a squirt bottle to discourage them from approaching your space. I always thought mothballs were supposed to keep cats away, though I’m not sure camphor smells any better than cat pee, and besides they are toxic. By the way, as well as the super-olfactory powers of pregnancy, there’s also the “nesting instinct” that kicks in around this time, isn’t there? (Not sure if I’ve got my timing right.) Maybe your urge to clean is hormonal and your brain is just using the cats as an excuse?

    Not that it makes the smell any easier to bear. Anyway, here is a link for you:

    You could always try growing some nice coleus canina, lavender, rue, and pennyroyal in with your basil.

    Thank you! I think I will start a lavender garden! (Yes, I’m probably nesting, but if you recall, this has been an on-going problem for a couple of years. I’m just sick of it.)

  3. Oh, since my last comment contained a helpful link, it might be in your spam filter right now. Which is kind of a pain, because I’ve just realized the same thing will probably happen to this comment and I will have to send you an email.

  4. They have humane traps out there for cats, you could always trap them then take the offending felines to the local shelter. That would get them out of your complex at least… just a thought.

    And from you I expected a list of plants that are toxic to cats… April, I’m shocked!

  5. To get rid of the pee smell, Nature’s Miracle has some enzyme that really works — just splash it on, no hard scrubbing required. They sell it at pet stores.

    Do you have a “Fix Our Ferals” type of stray cat rescue organization locally? Or Animal Control? Could your landlord help?

    A happy tale: our neighbor used to feed feral cats until he had a yard full of them, all pooping in my garden. When I was pregnant I went to tell him about toxoplasmosis and he took most of them to the pound. Then when Isaac was born I took him next door (to show off his cuteness) and said quite frankly that my yard was still full of poop and soon this darling little baby was going to be picking it up and putting it in his mouth. He took all the cats to the pound and we haven’t seen any since!

    Thanks, Nicole! I’m going to check out that spray, that sounds way easier (and less toxic) than the bleach spray I’m using. I need to call Animal Control, before I try our landlords — they aren’t exactly the most proactive people. For example, when the over-the-range microwave they provided stopped working they bought a cheapy to put on the counter instead of fixing the old one, sacrificing even more of the already feeble counter space we had. I am so proud of you for being so assertive with your neighbour about the cats, that’s fantastic! I wish I knew whom to address with regard to feeding these local cats…

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