First Business Trip

He’s had short trips all over Southern California, but this morning we were at the Burbank airport by 6am, dropping off my husband for his first fly-out.  He didn’t go far, just to San Jose and San Fransisco, and he’ll be back by 10pm, but I consider this to be the first business trip. 

He’s on his own, with the corporate card, and a rental car.  Luckily for all of us he booked all his appointments on the same day so he doesn’t have to spend the night, which is especially good because Little Red’s really been missing him lately.  I know the promotion won’t come until the underlings stop getting fired, but I feel like this is a big step toward proving himself to his boss and working to expand the company.  And it’s just plain cool!  Something like this would never have happened with that old job we held for two years with no future! 

Tonight, while he dines on $50 french fries in the Oakland Airport I think Little Red and I will serve up some toast and peanut butter with a side of fresh fruit. (grains, protein and fruits, that’s healthy, right?)

3 thoughts on “First Business Trip

  1. I’d say “yay” but it’s all downhill from here. 😉

    Nah, that’s great. Sounds like things are moving right along at just the right pace. No sense staying in a dead-end job. (Says the woman whose husband has changed jobs so frequently that the question, “How long has he been there now?” is a family joke.)

    My Dad is the same way! His last job before this one was his longest since I was a little girl — three years I think? Usually he gets bored after about 18 months. He just seems to like going into small to mid-sized companies, getting them on their feet, and then moving on to the next project.

  2. Yay! Being able to spread his wings and show off what he can do is so exciting! I hope the promotion comes soon 🙂

    Oh, me too! (But I won’t hold my breath because of so much we can’t control.)

  3. I know exactly what you mean and I feel for you. Unfortunately we are often forced into sacrificing time with our loved ones for the benefit of our careers and financial stability. At least you realise that he isn’t off enjoying himself. People often assume that the life of the globe trotter, living in posh hotels is something to aspire to. It is not. But, I assure you, as a blogger you will get a wealth of material out of his tales of travel. You might enjoy some of these:

    You seem like a very nice family. So, I hope you find the balance between life and work. Good luck and LOL xxxx

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