New Beginnings

I bought my bulbs in a six-pack at the 99Cent store, not even at Virgil’s or a fancy nursery.  I placed one in a glass jar over some marbles with barely enough water to reach the bottom of the bulb.  I left the bulb in the coldest, darkest room of the house: the downstairs bathroom. […]

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Bragging Once More

Little Red went in search of his sippy cup of milk this afternoon, saying “baby’s milk.”  Once he found it, he held it to my belly button and proceded to feed the baby.  This continued for several moments until I finally asked him to stop because there was milk all over my shirt.  “The baby […]

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Love Thursday

Part One I had been putting it off since December, Little Red’s 2-year blood work.  (His pediatrician said she was issuing the order standard for all her 2-year olds because even some children without the high risk factors are coming up with anemia and lead poisoning and she’d rather find out now than wait and […]

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Competition in All Things

My last year of teaching was in an amazing school in a beautiful residential area.  The children often played near or at the school after school hours and knew all the comings and goings of the school staff and faculty.  As I was only one of two new teachers that year, it didn’t take my […]

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Manic Monday

Adventure vs. Danger I told Jen first thing in the morning, when she called about our Friday adventure, that we were on the hunt for a new place.  Without a single thought for herself she said, “well let’s load up the kids in the van and drive around and look at places!”  After I let […]

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On the Move

It’s not February 3rd and I’m not FeatherSky, but I am hereby announcing that we are going to move.  Effective March 1st our rent goes up another $100 despite the fact that real estate has steadily dropped in the past two years. That’s annoying.  Even more annoying is that while the letter is dated January […]

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Can You Hear Me Now?

I realize that not everyone has the same experiences as I do, and that not every baby displays his ability to hear and recognize his father’s voice the minute he is born.  I understand that.  What I don’t understand is how many parents don’t discover that their children are deaf until after the child’s first […]

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