The Cure

Despite the daily annoyances that keep me from being completely Zen, I’ve really made improvements in this past month.  In addition to finishing the baby blanket last night (finally!), I’ve found the silver lining to my Earthlink woes: weekly calls to my mother.

It’s not a big deal for most of you.  But ten years ago I moved to the states and my daily conversations on my mother’s bed were transposed to random emails and twice-yearly phone calls.  Only now, on the ten-year anniversary of my move to the states, are we able to talk regularly.  It’s been amazing to see how quickly our phone calls have turned from rushed, frantic updates to the relaxed, meandering conversations.  I think it helps both of us feel more secure in the rest of our week, knowing that we actually know what’s going on in each other’s lives.  And it makes it easier for both of us to accept the impending birth without being together.

This morning I got a brief email from a fellow Yukoner with the link for the flickr site of the Canada Winter Games.  Of course I didn’t recognize anyone so far, (even though I know several volunteers, including my mother) but I knew the landscape, the pool, the high school, the ski track.  Without realizing it, those pictures helped to fill a void I hadn’t noticed.  Today I start my morning feeling calm and complete.

Edit: I think I found Ondrej!  He looks different, of course (it’s been a decade) but the setting is appropriate.


One thought on “The Cure

  1. Well, you did find me, of sorts: a friend pointed out your website to me. However that’s not me in the picture: I haven’t lived in Whitehorse in 10 years. Is this you, Heather, the pianist? (Sorry I can’t remember your last name, and now you probably have a different one, and a whole lot more…) I’m now living in Toronto, going to school at the Conservatory, and (still) trying to be a musician… And I did discovered deodorant somewhere along the way. Things sometimes happen “out of order”… Where are you now? What has life brought you since leaving The Magic and The Mystery?

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