5 stages of grief, 9 circles of tech hell

This article in the LA Times last month so aptly describes everything I, and so many others, have been forced to endure because of the deceptive (but enticing) marketing campaign waged by the company in the fall.  I laughed and cried through the whole thing, it somehow makes the scars less painful.  (Fortunately, I have only 10 more months on my contract.)


2 thoughts on “5 stages of grief, 9 circles of tech hell

  1. I laughed — and cried — also! It’s not just Earthlink. It’s Nevada Medicaid, too. The only time I’ve heard Ches really swear was on the phone with “help” from Verizon Wireless. Hopefully your next internet carrier won’t be anything like Earthlink!!

    The real kicker is that when we chose Earthlink they offered the best deal. Shortly after our contract started with them, AT&T (the local provider) offered a similar deal. I have serious buyer’s remorse now that Earthlink is not the only one that offers free calling to Canada. I do have to say, however, that ING has fabulous, local customer service so at least there is one element of corporate America that hasn’t forgotten that the consumer pays the bills.

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