Guideline for Survival: Aim Low

New Year’s Resolution: brush hair daily

Today’s Goal: vaccuum

To achieve today’s goal I had to pick up the same toys numerous times and send Little Red to other parts of the house (probably to mess up) just so I could finally do it.  I’m totally worn out, but I can officially say “done.”  And I promise to brush my hair before I go to work.  For now, I need a nap! 

4 thoughts on “Guideline for Survival: Aim Low

  1. that’s so funny! My goal today was also to vacuum! I vacuumed, but it already looks just like it did before. Oh well, at least my hair is brushed 😉

    Yeah, well, by the end of the day the living room was a goldfish graveyard, but at least I knew how old the crumbs were!

  2. My hair is brushed, I did not vacuum (ran out of time), but I did create a website today 🙂 I also aim low… that way I am never dissapointed hehe.

    You created a website and you consider that aiming low!?!? I feel shamed on my own blog.

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