I Have a Confession to Make …

Today I finally mailed off my Dad, StepMum and brother’s Christmas gifts.  No, not for 2007, for LAST year.  Feeling finally like I can close up the chapter on Christmas I took down the Christmas cards.

Feel free to laugh at my feeble accomplishments.

7 thoughts on “I Have a Confession to Make …

  1. I giggled, but only because I have yet to send off my mother’s Birthday present and cards the kids made, and her birthday was on Feb. 6th. In fact, I’m still waiting for Paul to finish one of her presents (in involves converting some recorded material of singing children to a CD).

    You’re only a month late — you’re still in the good zone! You can do it.

  2. Oh, now I don’t feel so bad.

    And whenever you do, please feel free to come by my blog. I promise to always try to make you feel better about yourself at my expense.

  3. No laughing here. I still have Dana’s presents and my brother’s presents (they have to go all the way to Tahiti!!). oh yeah, and a little something for both my mom and stepmom. yup. I suck.

    Well if we’re going to play that game I’ll confess that I was going to make you something when Parker was born, but was too busy feeling sorry for myself and never did it. Now you know. btw: is there anything you need for your not-so-new-anymore baby?

  4. My sister made me a clock for Xmas. It’s still sitting in a box in UT waiting for her to put postage on it.

    Actually, my brother who had to buy only for me this year has yet to complete our gift but swears he knows exactly what he’s doing and that he will do it. But he’s a 16 year old boy; I expect more from myself.

  5. I can’t cast stones, Tim was working 18 hour days and I was puking all day so my brother and sister in law still haven’t recieved their presents. You are doing better than me.

    You had excuses. We didn’t BUY my Dad’s gift until three weeks ago, and my brother’s and stepmum’s gifts were wrapped and on the bookshelf for months — staring me down and reminding me that I am so lame.

  6. Ha! I say Ha! I spent years thinking I was the only person on this planet–let alone in my family who did not get things mailed off on time. I was known at our mailbox place in Richmond [8 years there!] for mailing Christmas gifts in March or April [yes, following Dec!] It once took me three years to get the same Christmas cards mailed off! Seriously. I signed them one year, addressed them another and wrote a letter to go in the third.

    But I am “retired” now. I mail things pretty darn close to on time. [Give me a break, I don’t drive, so if there’s more than one box, or its heavy…] I have even purchased my cards for NEXT year–knowing tat I’ll be too busy in Nov/Dec to take care of it, I’m going to have them ready before starting pageant rehearsals this year. Really. And I will mail them as soon as the pageant is over: Dec 6 7 8 perf dates. Promise.

    Sounds like this year yours may be the first card some people receive, good for you! (I am much better with cards than presents, for similar reasons as yours — no car.

  7. My husband finally took the christmas cards down off the wall about a week before valentine’s day. Now the door is covered with valentine’s cards. I had planned on sending a gift to a few of my friends, I didn’t even get them made. I planned on making quilts for my kids for christmas, the fabric is still folded with the receipts pinned to it in a bag in the garage. You’ll be fine, a little late is better than not at all.

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