This morning Little Red and I were at JoAnn.  As I was browsing I noticed a great sale on some yarn I like and decided to pick up a couple of balls.  Suddenly I heard a little voice beside me:

“No, Mummy, don’t touch.”  Yes, it was my little guy.

“No, Mummy.  Mummy, I said no.”

 Well, at least I know I do speak English to him, and that whether or not he listens, he hears me.


4 Responses to Repetition

  1. sleepyfrog76 says:

    That’s adorable!! Go, Little Red! 🙂

  2. GoofyJ says:

    ha ha! 🙂 Very cute. 🙂

  3. Allrie says:

    Love it. Did you touch? 🙂

    Yes (and I bought.) I guess I listen about as well as he does.

  4. ABQ Mom says:

    Hee hee, I love it when they try to tell us what to do.

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