The Fantastic Little Red

Last night after Little Red went to bed and my husband and I were downstairs we heard the unmistakable noise of the door closing.  (Little Red often closes his bedroom door behind himself when he gets up — it really helps me wake up in the morning, I have warning before he’s suddenly beside my bed!)  My husband came back downstairs a couple of minutes, laughing.  “That wasn’t his bedroom door we heard.”


“That was our bedroom door.  He put himself to bed in our bed.”


Today while we were in WalMart (long story, but the short version is that we took the trek out with our neighbour on the hopes that the fabric selection at WalMart was better than that at our local JoAnn store.  It wasn’t, but now we know.) Little Red suddenly said to me, “baby is talking.”  I wasn’t sure what he meant, but he further elaborated that his brother was talking to him. 

“What is he saying?”  I asked.

“hi Little Red,” he said, smiling, with his thumb still in his mouth. 


I was pretty sure I had a third story, but Little Red’s downgraded croup to mild cold has hit me like a Mack Truck and I seem to be dropping brain cells left and right.  Maybe I’ll remember later and edit it in.  Or maybe I’ll just lie on the couch and watch Monsters Inc.

5 thoughts on “The Fantastic Little Red

  1. You could do worse than Monsters Inc. 😉 Hope you’re feeling better. Oh, and the sleeping in your bed thing. That’s not something they grow out of. At least in my experience.

  2. AHHH!!! You’re spreading the internet virus again! I’m feeling sick today too. I’m not checking your blog anymore 😉
    I love the putting himself to bed in your bed story! How cute! Neither of my kids ever want to sleep with us! (they want to sit on our faces and head-butt us when we’re in bed, but definitely not sleep!)

  3. Love the conversation–does it happen often? My little brother often put himself to bed in my parents bed. I well remember Dad carrying my brother down the hall to his own bed, and caling him “Dominic”–not his name, and the only time he did But often. Weird. I’d forgotten that.

  4. OH, just so you know…the memory will come back, at least a little bit, after the baby comes. If it didn’t I wouldn’t be able to tell you my own name right now! 🙂

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