The assortment of cars that we see varies only slightly, week to week.  It begins with the street sweeper and the cars parked on the opposite side of the street.  On the bigger street we will always see a police car, at least one garbage truck, at least two city busses, and numerous people on their morning commutes. 

Once we enter the building, the routine is set.  We check in 15 minutes before my scheduled appointment, take the elevator “going up to 3!” and step out.  Little Red says “Mummy, go potty.”  I remind him I need to wait for my cup and we walk around a little, me never wanting to let him escape his stroller for fear of him not getting back in when the time is right.  Two minutes later, “Mummy, go potty.”  Five minutes before my appointment, when the nurse calls my name and ceremoniously presents the cup, Little Red points toward the washrooms and says, “go there.”

In the nurses’ room he points to the scale, “Mummy, stand,” he tells me.  He points to the blood pressure machine, pulls up his own sleeve, and says “Mummy, arm.”  The nurse checking us in takes longer than normal with us, chatting with me and admiring the precociousness of my son and the way he smiles through his thumb when all the other nurses come by to say hi to him.  He loves the attention, but pretends to be shy.  When they return to their jobs he turns around in his stroller, looking for them.  His fan base grows exponentially every week.

We never wait long in the exam room for “babydoctor”, my Nurse Practitioner — I’m usually the first appointment of the day, and she is prompt and conscientious.  We read stories and sing songs while we wait for her.  If we hear a voice in the hall he gets quiet, “I hear babydoctor!” he’ll then exclaim.  He points to the ultrasound equipment and says, “see baby brother!” He points to the trash can and says, “babydoctor’s trash.”  He itemizes all the familiar equipment in the room.  When done he usually reminds me that babydoctor is also Mummy’s doctor and that we need to tell her thank you.  He’s always happy to see her, likewise, she him, and shows off the day’s toys and books, and then happy to watch her check me out.  He enjoys seeing the baby’s fuzzy features on the screen, and he loves hearing the heartbeat on the doppler.  She marvels at how much he has grown up during this pregnancy.

Next week I’m checking in with an MD so it’ll be two weeks before we see babydoctor again.  Then we’ll begin a new routine.  I’m glad Little Red has been so involved with this pregnancy.  And I wonder, maybe he’ll persue a medical career and support his parents in their old age?

4 thoughts on “Routine

  1. Oh, it’s so nice to hear about how your appointments go. And especially that Little Red is so good about everything. He’s going to be a big help to you when the baby comes, I think.

  2. How wonderful he is so excited about your pregnancy. One seldom ever hears about *gasp* sibling rivalry over a newborn anymore. I think it is because people are so much more open with their children about the new baby coming and how it is in Mommy’s tummy. When I was a kid, it was not unusual for kids not to know beforehand when they were “getting” a new baby! Little Red will be prepared to share some of the time and attention he currently takes as his due. Hang in there–won’t be much longer now!

  3. This is a friendly refresher from how my latest appointments have gone lately, especially if the kids came with me, though it does vaguely remind me of my appointments when Superblonde would go with me. It’s so sweet that he’s so excited about it all.

  4. That’s weird…I could have swore I left a comment last week! It must have stayed in my head! 🙂

    That’s really awesome that little Red is so excited! We tried to explain to Jaedin that I was pregnant and he was getting a sister, but really, he had absolutely no idea what we were talking about. I don’t think he caught on until after she was here a few weeks! He’s an awesome big brother 🙂

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