An Omen or A Joke?

Our wedding was very small and very simple.  This was in part due to logistics as family alone was travelling the four corners of the continent, but also because we’d seen too many circus weddings and didn’t want to diminish the sanctity and beauty of our special day.

Two of my husband’s friends did come out for the wedding, however, and brought gifts on behalf of the entire group.  As Paul and I were living in Hawaii they gave us matching beach towels, sunscreen, and the like (we are, if you don’t know, so white that we glow in the dark.)

They also presented us with a cow skull that was “fresh” off the farm of a roommate of one of the guys.  Beads, the friend presenting the skull, laughed as he told us of the looks from the airline workers as he sat on the plane with a cow skull loosely wrapped in a sheet.  (This was before 9/11.)  I can imagine the looks, as we’ve received some pretty special looks from houseguests who discover the skull prominently displayed on our bookshelf.

I’m in spring cleaning mode again, and while I’ll weed out a lot of things this time, I won’t touch the skull.  I think for the rest of our lives we will have a corner of our house decorated in a western theme.  I don’t know why we got it as a wedding gift, but it’s been a great conversation piece, and it’s just too funny to throw away.  Besides, I’m a big sap, I can’t throw away anything that was a wedding gift.

2 thoughts on “An Omen or A Joke?

  1. hehehe I can see what you meant now about writing it for me 🙂 Perhaps M’s skull will end up on a bookshelf that I won’t touch as well heh.

    Great story though!!!

  2. Wow, that’s bizarre. I can just imagine what would happen now if anyone tried to travel with that as hand luggage. Of course, if they were crossing international borders into Canada — even before 9/11 — it would probably be confiscated at the airport because of the contaminants it might harbour. What an interesting conversation piece, though!

    Oh I know, eh? You can’t even carry a sandwitch across the border!

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