Waking a Narcoleptic Newborn

Early Bird is the most determined sleeper.  He sleeps through Little Red’s screaming, he sleeps through wardrobe changes, and diaper changes only wake him temporarily.  If he is not ready to wake, he will not do so.  Not myself, nor my husband, nor my father in law, has had any success in stimulating him to alertness if he is not willing. 

This afternoon I was doing the dishes when Little Red entered the kitchen proudly proclaiming “Early Bird eating cookie!”  Sure that I had misunderstood him, I walked into the living room to see crumbs of Little Red’s sugar cookie all over Early Bird’s mouth.

He stuck out his tongue and awoke. 

5 thoughts on “Waking a Narcoleptic Newborn

  1. That is SO funny!!!!! See? Little Red knows just what to do to become best friends with a newborn!

    Jenacy was a really heavy sleeper too. She wouldn’t wake up to eat, or would fall asleep after only nursing for a minute. She was barely eating anything and we could NOT get her to stay awake! After a few days and worries about her losing weight we came up with a new plan. I’d strip her and rub ice on her feet when she was nursing to keep her awake so that she’d get enough food! It was the only thing that would work!

  2. Logan was a terribly heavy sleeper when he was little. In the very beginning, it was because of the jaundice, but as he got older, he could sleep through atomic warfare!! Especially while I was trying to nurse him. He would get so warm and cuddled in, he’d just fall asleep and all the ways we were advised to try to wake him wouldn’t even phase him. It didn’t mean I got to sleep at night after we came home the second time, but when that kid slept, he slept hard. It just got to the point where we let him wake when he needed to. Then he just flipped his schedule around, and we were okay. I don’t know what to expect this time!! hahaha…maybe we get the opposite this time!

    And it sure sounds like he has quite a big brother. Teaching him about all the goodies he can look forward to eating soon!!! Hahahha….

    Actually, one funny story. When Logan was eight weeks old and I was still trying to nurse him, I was in Whitehorse for my dad’s wedding. My step mom has a son who also had a 7 year old son. I was at my dad’s pond outside feeding Logan when Jonathan came up to me and said “What is Logan doing?” I said, “He’s eating.” Jonathan thought for a moment and said to me “Is he eating his cookies?” I said, “Umm…sure.” He said “Okay” and off he went. I didn’t want to get into the logistics of it being I was a new mom and wasn’t sure what his mom would think if I suddenly started telling Jonathan all about nursing and how it works for babies!! So your story just reminded me of that moment in time. I think I can handle it better this time!!

    Shevaun, read “Kids Say the Darnest Things, part two.” You can find it on either blog just by doing a search.

  3. Syd was a really heavy sleeper. A real sleeping beauty. And you know that that carried on through to her second year of life too. (if only she were still into sleeping that much? )

  4. Sariah was such a heavy sleeper, I hasd to wake her to feed her, then wake her multiple times while feeding her–I swear she was born two weeks late because she wouldn’t wake up for the birth! Congrats on the newest member of your family, and I pray all continues to go well.

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