Take a Picture

I stared at him

Every second

Of every day.

I didn’t want to forget

Any expression,

Any detail.

I tried to memorize everything.

But suddenly I realized

Under my watchful eye

He grew up,

He changed,

And instead of

Memorizing the past

I only remember


His brother

Reminds me a lot of him

But they are different

And even he

Has changed so much

I forget who he was

Two days ago.

5 thoughts on “Take a Picture

  1. The thing I always noticed about taking a picture of a newborn is that when you’re looking at them in person you see so much personality, in the picture they just look like a newborn baby. I know I didn’t explain that well but I think you and I have had this conversation in the past.

    Pictures are wonderful, memories are good too.

  2. So sad, true and beautiful. 🙂 We should get that poetry blog going again – I miss reading yours and the other participants’ poetic genius. 🙂

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