Before I Formed Thee, I Knew Thee

Several months before I got pregnant with Early Bird I had a particular name stuck in my head.  During a good part of my pregnancy I actually prefered the name with the order reversed (middle, then first) and my husband was only lukewarm on the names.  We vascillated on a very extensive list of names throughout the entire pregnancy. 

A couple of weeks before Early Bird was born I had a dream in which I was given the opportunity for one last big ultrasound.  Instead of a regular sonogram, however, it was a video feed from my uterus.  I saw Early Bird smiling and waving at me.  I marvelled at how he resembled Little Red, only blonder, and I felt very impressed that he was one of those two names I had originally thought of before I was pregnant.  (It’s actually a family name, the middle name of my brother and father, and the first name of my grandfather.)  When I told my husband, he was lukewarm.  Still we looked at several other names.

When he was born I couldn’t see him right away, but my husband did, and came back to tell me how much he looked like me.  When I saw him I knew he was the face I had seen in my dream.  That afternoon, when we finally decided it was time to name him, he commented on how “manly” Early Bird seemed.  (Hey!  What does that say about me?!?)  The family name with which I had been strongly impressed immediately became the middle name for the only two first names we considered once we had met him.  In the end the answer was clear what his name was.

In the end, his is the name I couldn’t forget those months before I conceived.


3 thoughts on “Before I Formed Thee, I Knew Thee

  1. This is an amazing story–and one you must record for the family annals! [OK, So cut & paste a copy for the baby book–your poem, too!] This is one of those ‘Strange But True’ faith promoting stories. Wonderful in every sense of the word!

  2. We have had similar (not the dream part though) experiences in naming our children. It seems that each child has had a specific name that they were supposed to recieve. Jacob almost especially though. I still recall very vividly a moment while he was in the hospital (after his lungs had collapsed, which was after surgery) – I was at the Temple and opened the scriptures to read. The book fell open to 2Nephi 2, Lehi’s adress to his son, Jacob. A number of things were made very clear, including why we felt prompted to choose his name.

  3. Your story is not that dissimalr from ours for tweedle E except it was my husband that picked his name before we were ready to try for baby #2. I picked a name about 6months before this pending birth (boy name) and we both agree, but since we don’t know what we are having, I can’t say if the name is appropriate. We however are having a hard time picking girls names. Do you think that is a sign? kidding.

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