My Two Cents

In the past week I’ve had a hit nearly every day to my blog from someone typing “recovery from VBAC” into a search engine.  As this seems to be a pressing question for a lot of people let me clearly state my opinion.

I expected the delivery to be hard.  It was.  I didn’t know what to expect for the recovery, for the next several days I was not sure I had made the correct decision.  The recovery was really, really hard.

At the one-week benchmark I was much more mobile than I could have imagined after my c-section, and the pain was greatly diminished.

At the two-week benchmark I loaded my two year old in the stroller and my two week old in the sling and walked to the doctor’s office for Early Bird’s check up.  I felt powerful.  The only thing I didn’t like was waiting for the slow elevator, as standing still is difficult.

My experience: short-term pain is definitely worth the long-term strength. Do not allow yourself to be deceived: there will be pain with either recovery.


3 thoughts on “My Two Cents

  1. I was shocked, after my first child, at how much I used my “bum” (pelvic floor) for even minor things. I have never had a c-section so I cannot comment on that, but I tore with both kids and it does take time to heal. Just remember to pace yourself. I would be feeling great and think I could take on the world. I would meet my husband at work and we would walk the mall (2-3 blocks) and I would always find by the time I got to the elevator at the other end I had done too much too soon. He would have to bring the car around and get me. The stupid thing is that I did it more than once. Walking around your apartment is different than walking around a mall or park. I also had other healing problems that weren’t normal because i wasn’t instructed at all on how to take good care of myself the first time. Anyway it gets better with each kid and I’m hoping this time around it will be the same.

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