Virginia Tech hits pretty close to home.  It’s less than two hours from where we were.  All the professionals I knew were either Cavaliers (from UVA, and less common in our area) or Hokies (from VTech.)  Several of our friends at SVU that left when we did went on down to Virginia Tech for more school. 

Really, though, something of this magnitude hits everyone, whether they have connections specifically to the location or not.  These kinds of random attacks could be anywhere and anyone.

As soon as we learned that the worst attack happened Of course I got thinking about other attacks over the years.  In the US, anyway, it started with the Texas Tower Sniper, in 1966.  There’s the Montreal Massacre in 1989 and the Concordia massacre in 1992.  Yes there are others, but these came to mind first.  What is the common link between all of these events?  Well Whitman, the sniper in Texas, was an engineering student.  In both Canadian events the victims were engineering students, and the VTech event included the engineering building.

My husband and I both said, in amazement, as we watched the news last night, “what’s with engineers?”  If I was an alarmist I’d talk my brother out of his engineering studies next year, but I’m not.  Bad things can happen anywhere.  We just need to teach our children pro-social behaviours, and hug them extra tightly before we send them off into the world.  And we need to pray for all those who are in pain.

4 thoughts on “Tragic

  1. I thought of you when I saw the news. At UW in our day there was an anti-Engineering campaign that said “Engineers are socially stupid”. (We are old enough that the memories of Engineering societies using school funds to produce pornographic newsletters were fresh in people’s minds. It was an accepted thing for so long, until it was banned, like smoking.) The Montreal massacre was specifically about the idea that women didn’t belong in Engineering. I don’t know where I’m going with this. Trying to expand on your theme, I guess.

    Hmmm, that little bit of history might explain why my parent’s friends used to tell Engineering jokes.

  2. All I can say is that when I found out about the massacre, I immediately thought of you and whether or not you had any ties to the school itself, knowing that you’d lived there. There’s really nothing much that one can say besides that you and anyone else you might know who has ties to Virgina Tech are in our thoughts.

  3. I didn’t realize that you’d lived so close. How long have you been in CA?

    I agree with what you said, you don’t have to know anyone specifically to feel the pain that the parents, family members and community are going through.

    It’ll be three years in June.

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