An Omen or A Joke?

Our wedding was very small and very simple.  This was in part due to logistics as family alone was travelling the four corners of the continent, but also because we’d seen too many circus weddings and didn’t want to diminish the sanctity and beauty of our special day. Two of my husband’s friends did come […]

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Unrealistic Expectations

It took me a week of reminding myself how great it was to be a part of my son’s birth before I could admit that the VBAC was a good decision.  From the moment he was born I was done with the pain; the pain, however, was not done with me.  Somehow I had it […]

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How Heather got her VBAC

A short while before Little Red was born, I painted my toenails a bright red.  It took a lot of people by surprise, as it was November, but it seemed simple enough to me: I wanted the baby to have something to aim for.  Clearly, that didn’t work out, but undeterred I decided to do […]

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