This Wasn’t in the Brochure

Raising really little ones, I can deal with.  Teaching middle schoolers, I can deal with.  Jealous two and a half year olds who don’t take naps, don’t listen, and don’t play nicely, I’m not so sure.  Usually I’m pretty confident that I’m at least OKAY as a parent, but today I’m really wondering if Little […]


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It’s the Little Things

I ventured down to the nearest outlet mall this morning, as Little Red is moving into 3Ts and I didn’t have any clothes for him!  (And I felt like I needed some retail therapy.  To most people retail therapy is dropping a few hundred dollars on the credit card from the mall, to me it […]

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Deposit Drama

The only reason I physically enter a bank anymore is if I have a Canadian cheque, as everything else I can do online or at the ATM.  Last week was one such time, and armed with an extra adult (my stepmother) I got in line.  She took Little Red to the comfortable chairs and magically […]

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Chocolate Desires

The chocolate is multiplying.  It’s an organic, asexual specimen that is reproducing itself in my cupboard.  After Easter I felt confident that when the holiday candy was over there’d be no more chocolate in the house and we could get back to eating well.  (Un)fortunately, my in-laws came out and bought us a bag of […]

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Absent One Week More

I have company until mid-next week.  I’ll be back after that with tales of fights at the bank and how cute my boys are, and my love/hate relationship with shopping.  I am still trying to keep up on all of your blogs, but I may just have to stalk silently for a while.

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Give, oh Give Away

Shortly before Thanksgiving I kicked off the holiday giving season with a drastic haircut.  I was so sick of my long, boring hair and so desperately in need of a cut that I threatened to my husband that if he could not get me out to Upland to visit our friends so that April could […]

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