I. Am. An. Idiot.

Somebody, please.


Please save me.

Save my from myself.

Last week when I realized that even if the traditional family blessing gown is found in time it probably wouldn’t fit Early Bird anyway, I decided to continue in my husband’s grandmother’s tradition, and make a gown to be passed on for posterity.

But I’m an idiot, and didn’t even bother looking for sewing patterns, I went straight to crochet patterns.  And instead of finding a pattern using yarn, I fell in love with a pattern for crochet thread.

Not only am I unfamiliar with the medium, but I exponentially multiplied the time required to finish the project.

I thought I had a week and a half, which is unrealistic to complete the gown.  But with the family coming in and all the festivities, I only have one week.  I’ve become a woman possessed, although the math doesn’t add up and I know I can’t finish it in time, I’m trying anyway.  The dishes aren’t done, and the crib has become the final resting spot for the clean, unfolded laundry.  The boys have been reasonably tolerant but I’m working on borrowed time.

It’s all for this, mostly.  I’ve tweaked the pattern a little.


7 thoughts on “I. Am. An. Idiot.

  1. I’d mock you, but I’m also neck deep in a sewing project that is driving me half mad and leaving my kids to be babysat by PBS! So I feel for ya!!! Good luck!!! (hey, maybe if you sleep half as much and cut down to 2 meals a day you’ll have enough time!) 😛

    (ok, fine, that’s not working on my end either!)

    Actually, I have been skipping naps, eating less (as much as my nursling in a growth spurt will allow -ha!), and sitting down with food and project together (carrots don’t make a mess.) Doesn’t really seem to be helping, and actually today I broke down and spent the afternoon picking up toys, reading stories, and goofing off. Too much of anything just isn’t healthy.

  2. That is quite the project, if/when you finish it though it will be gorgeous. I look forward to pictures of Early Bird in the gown.

    If/when is the appropriate term. I’m still not sure I won’t be at the mall on Saturday night, paying way too much for whatever Nordstrom has in stock.

  3. You know I meant that sincerely, and not sarcastically, right?

    Of course.
    Although I admit that I deserve a sarcastic “good luck” too.

  4. It’s a beautiful pattern. I wish you all the luck in the world! I hope you can get it done! But for me, this is why they make stores! hahaha…I know…I’m a total sentimentalist! There’s a blanket that’s passed down throughout Jeff’s family from his mom’s side of the family. That’s what we used for Logan’s christening. We’re planning and hoping to be able to do new baby’s christening in Whitehorse at the Anglican Church just off Wann Road.

    So again, GOOD LUCK!! I really do hope that you get it done! I’m not crafty like you! I wish I was though, because then I could make a special outfit like that!!

    There’s an Anglican Church on Wann Road? I thought there was just the Anglican Church downtown, you know, Reverend Carroll’s church.

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