The Land of Good and Plenty

5 thoughts on “The Land of Good and Plenty

  1. I wondered the same thing last weekend as we drove through all your wonderful traffic. Why would anyone want to live there???

    Then again… close to Disney, close to beaches, close to San Diego (love the Zoo, man!), lots of culture and fine arts, lots to do, Temple, perhaps a star sighting every now and then (the celebrity kind, although perhaps the sky kind, too!), major airport, and the beautiful landscape that is Southern California (no, I’m not being sarcastic. I love it!).

    I do hope you guys get to move someplace better for you soon, though. You need it!

    While I don’t agree with the “beautiful landscape”, I do agree that there is a lot to do and I enjoy having a different park to visit every day and tonnes of museums. Many of the adult museums have children’s rooms, and there are several children’s museums as well. We are happier here than we thought we’d be. It’s just that sometimes I watch the news and think, “What the heck are we doing here?!?!?”

  2. Come to Nashville! We didn’t make any list, good or bad. YAY for being average!!! Traffic here gets bad sometimes too. The roads are set up as a fairly confusing mess. But I’m sure it’s NOTHING compared to LA! Any word on if you’ll be moving anytime soon?

    We change our minds daily. But no, we have no definite plans. You know, we only moved out here for a year.

  3. Heather, I couldn’t agree more. I grew up here, both our families live here, and there are many days when we are ready to pack up and go. Everytime we drive home from a trip and sit on the 15 or the 10 for HOURS in LAME traffic, we ask each other, ” we love LA?”
    Honestly, if all my family lived in another state, I know we’d be out of here.
    I mean…..the traffic, the real estate prices, the bad schools, the bad politics, the lack of funding and the excess of spending, the ultra liberal viewpoint (sorry to liberal readers out there), etc, etc, etc. Yes, we have the beach and museums, and fun culture….but the more I’ve thought about it, you can find that in many places. I think what it all comes down to (as our families grow) is finding a place where you can be part of your community and your church…having a good neighborhood where your kids can ride bikes with other kids and play Kick the Can in the street.
    Soccer games? Little league….
    Okay, sorry for the rant. I guess I should write my own post on my blog 🙂
    But thank you for bringing up the subject.

    You bring up some really valid points, when our children are no longer babies how can we give them the childhood we want to if we live here?

  4. Every couple of months I try to convince Drew lets move anywhere. CA isn’t so bad if you don’t live near LA. It can be quite nice and it can even be pretty. When there is a fire, I just pretend I am camping.

    That’s a great plan! Looks like we’ll be camping all summer long…

  5. I was wondering how close those fires were to you guys! Hope all’s well with you and your’s!!!

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