Give, oh Give Away

Shortly before Thanksgiving I kicked off the holiday giving season with a drastic haircut.  I was so sick of my long, boring hair and so desperately in need of a cut that I threatened to my husband that if he could not get me out to Upland to visit our friends so that April could cut my hair, I would do it myself or go to SuperCuts.  April is the only person in the world who has proven herself to Paul, as every other haircut I’ve gotten he has disliked, so my threats did not go unnoticed.  As I don’t have a car during the days I need to rely on both families matching schedules in order to make the visit.

I got my wish shortly before Thanksgiving.  Armed with the Beautiful Lengths packet that I had ordered in the summer when they launched the campaign, I told April to CUT CUT CUT.  She was nervous, with Paul such a tough critic, but I told her I was so desperate I didn’t even care.  Anyway, Beautiful Lengths’ requirements are shorter than those of Locks of Love, and Paul survived that. 

Fortunately, April did such a great job that even Paul liked it.  Best of all, she’s the first hair person to really understand how low-maintenance I am.  Instead of trying to change me by giving me a high-maintenance haircut, she accepted me and gave me a no-maintenance do.

As with Locks of Love, Beautiful Lengths sent me a thankyou note for my donation, although instead of a postcard, it was a moving letter which I feel compelled to share:

Dear ZenMama,

Oh behalf of Pantene Beautiful Lengths, with heartfelt appreciation, we thank you for giving so selflessly of yourself to women who are faced with hair loss from cancer treatment.

Your healthy ponytail will help give self confidence back to a special woman who is battling cancer so that she can fight the disease with a little more dignity.  Your generosity is touching and we hope it will inspire many others.  As you may know, it takes six to eight ponytails like yours to create one wig, so please spread the word to your friends and family about how important their donation is to this cause as well.  More information can be found at

Together, we can help bring some joy into the lives of women living with cancer.

Kind regards,

Pantene Beautiful Lengths

I didn’t know it took six to eight donations for only one wig.  I urge you, if you have long, healthy hair, to cut and donate.  You’ll make such a difference to another woman, and you’ll help yourself through another hotter-than-normal summer.

9 thoughts on “Give, oh Give Away

  1. That’s such a wonderful thing to do for someone! I wish I could donate, but you’ve seen my hair. It’s usually always short. I’ve decided to stop cutting it off recently while I was in Grande Prairie. I was in a book store and I had to get Logan out because of “behaviour issues”. As I’m walking out of the store, Robin’s at the till paying for a few books, a couple of which were for Logan, and hear from behind me, “Uhoh, Grandma’s cracking the whip!!” Not so hot for a 28 year old’s self esteem. I decided right then and there I’d grow it out. However, if it ever gets to a length where I could cut and donate it, believe that I will do my best to do what you did for a woman in need!

    Oh…and Happy Mother’s Day. I’m a mom right? Not a grandma?!? hahaha…

    Oh I’m so sorry! And I thought I needed a style makeover. Seriously, girl, you totally deserve a day at a salon!

  2. I’m so glad you donated! Such a great cause.
    But now I need to see a shot of the low-mai ‘do!

    You have, I did the cut at Thanksgiving, so all recent shots are with the shorter (and getting longer) hair.

  3. That is so sweet – I think it is awesom. Too bad my hair is so short. 🙂

    Well if you grow it, when it’s time to hack it off again, you know what to do with it!

  4. i feel like i’m draggin’ myself back in shame, but the only way i can say it is, “it’s the return of the prodigal blogger.” hope you don’t mind if i hang around.

    Welcome back, old friend. I never mind when you’re around!

  5. Arg, I really wish I had thought to do something like this when I cut my hair a couple of months ago. I cut over a foot off. I completely spaced it! Next time…

    Next time, I’m sure.

  6. Three years ago when I chopped my hair from waist to chin I wanted to donate it. It’s been color-treated and sadly because it was being cut for a stylist license it had to be cut in sections, not enough to donate.
    I’m in the process of trying to grow it back out long again, but with all these grays I don’t know if I can go all natural so that it’s healthy virgin hair to be donated. But I’m going to try.
    This is an important cause for me as a close friend of mine in high school had cancer and she had a wig made from human hair.

    You can use non-permanent colours in your hair. That way no one will know about the grays but you’ll still be able to grow it for donation. The beautifullengths website has plenty of suggestions of what’s okay.

  7. I didn’t lose hair to cancer, but at age 19 lost hair to brain surgery. When they first took the bandages off, I screamed and pulled the blanket over my head! For a full day, I would not let anyone see my head! My college friends went in together and bought a wig for me. I could again be seen.

    It made such a difference–to my whole recovery process. Yay for people like you who not only can, but do donate. I also had no idea it took so many for one wig, but it makes sense. [I just barely have enough hair to cover my head anymore–I figure if I were male I’d be bald like my brother.]

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