Chocolate Desires

The chocolate is multiplying.  It’s an organic, asexual specimen that is reproducing itself in my cupboard.  After Easter I felt confident that when the holiday candy was over there’d be no more chocolate in the house and we could get back to eating well.  (Un)fortunately, my in-laws came out and bought us a bag of Harry and David dark chocolate truffles.  Not long after that, my surrogate grandmother, whom I happen to visit teach, gave me a bag of Lindt Truffles and some bonbons for a mother’s day gift.  It was then that I knew I had to move all treats to the top shelf of the cupboard. 

Moving the chocolate from the medicine/vitamin cupboard to the very top shelf with the cocoa mugs was a good move.  Any craving required getting out the step ladder and climbing up.  With that kind of work I am less likely to mindlessly eat more chocolate than I realize, and I can guilt myself out of seconds.  Plus, there’s no way I can sneak on in the day without Little Red knowing.

Dad brought me a box of Lindt chocolates, too.  And I think I have some chocolate from the Cocoa Mill on the way…

I wonder if there’s a shelf even higher.


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