The Expected and the Unexpected

It started out as a short visit in the plans, but when we realized that both of our husbands would be away, my stepmum decided to make her visit down here 9 days long.  She came down on Mother’s Day and left last night. 

She had said she didn’t know much about babies, but still wanted to be helpful, so she would help with the cleaning.  I didn’t care if she helped or not, I was just happy for her company.  She did help, however, making supper nearly every night (and healthy food, too!)  She held Early Bird so I could shower and she played with Little Red while I fed Early Bird.  She helped me organize my cupboards (they had gotten pretty bad with the pregnancy — I stuck out so much that I could only get things into the cupboards by tossing them and hoping for the best, because I couldn’t reach any other way.)  She also took me shopping for some much needed kitchen and wardrobe staples.  Best of all, I had adult conversation and an extra pair of hands to help out with the kids.

On Friday Morning after Little Red went downstairs and greeted her he came back up with some juice.  He said nothing, of course, as he had juice (a real treat as I don’t keep it in the house normally.)  When we went downstairs Liz asked me if he had told me about the surprise.  He hadn’t, of course, with his mind on the juice so I asked what the surprise was.  “Grandad,” she said, simply.  I immediately jumped to the most unlikely scenario in my mind.  “Grandad’s here?” I asked, doubtfully, thinking probably there was a gift from him, or he was on the phone.

There he was, sitting on the couch in the living room -likely wondering how such an airhead could be his daughter.  I was totally shocked.  I was also more pleased than words.  (Once, when I was about 8, he sent me a stuffed animal in a very large box.  Mum was trying to get me to think about what could be in such a big box and I said, “maybe he sent himself!”  It’s all I really want, anyway, I don’t need gifts.)

I couldn’t believe how they had snuck this whole event around me, but in retrospect I can see it: 

* She asked detailed questions about the front gate and intercom system (I thought it was polite curiousity that came from a walk she was going to take during our naps and she wanted to know how to get back in.) 

*  She took Dad’s phone call in the powder room (I didn’t blame her, both of the boys were yelling at me — I thought she just wanted a quiet room.  Besides, who’d blame a wife for wanting a private conversation with her husband?)

*  She insisted that we have supper at Acapulco on Friday night, instead of Thursday as I had suggested (that one I thought was wierd, but I’m flexible and was willing to go with the flow.)

There were other clues, too, and as time goes on I remember more of them.  They totally pulled one over me and I had no idea.  It was a great surprise.  It was really great to have them both here for the weekend (long weekend in Canada.)  Little Red especially took to my Dad, but I guess with Paul out of town, Dad was the next closest thing. 

Dad went back on Monday morning (and looked a bit teary saying goodbye to Little Red — I hope this means it won’t be so long before we see him again), and Liz last evening.  After we dropped her off we came home and the boys and I went through serious withdrawal, having our loudest and longest night ever.  We slept well after we all cried out our woes and this morning we have a long list of little things: post office, vaccuuming, banking, etc.  It’s not as much fun as company, but we do need to get back to normal.

5 thoughts on “The Expected and the Unexpected

  1. How fun to have a surprise visitor! My brother surprised me at Parker’s blessing by flying my father in from Boise. I suspected a little when I got some wierd questions, but my brother is always asking me wierd things, so I put it out of my head. It was so fun to have him. I’m glad you got to have your dad come, too.

    It sounds like you had a great time with your stepmum, too. Yay! It is nice having that extra pair of hands with a new baby around, huh? I cry whenever my “help” leaves because I don’t know quite how to do it on my own!

  2. Aww…how sweet! That is always the best surprise in the world! I miss seeing my dad on a regular basis and the visit that we had with him and Dar was absolutely wonderful, so I can totally relate! Logan and Dad were the best buds while he was here and Logan even cried the day that Dad and Dar were going to leave. He was truly upset that his grandparents were going away again. Dad and Dar made his time with them so memorable, giving him gifts almost daily (they spoiled him rotten) and just being grandparents.

    It’s always so wonderful to see my parents with Logan, but this time, it was extra special for some reason. Maybe because things are going to change in the next six weeks with new baby coming. And they are coming back for that as well! I’m so glad that you got to share that time with your Dad, considering how long it can be between visits. It almost makes it more special…but I’m sure you wish, as I do, that you could be with your dad more often!

  3. That was a great post. I love the way you describe your life. Great details. And how cute of your dad to show up like that! I heart sweet parents.

  4. What a wonderful surprise. You made it so easy for them to pull it off. I’m always looking (hoping) for a surprise so might have been suspicious.
    Relative withdrawal is always the hardest part about having visitors. You don’t want them to leave and to see your own children have a hard time with them leaving makes it even harder on you (not that it wasn’t already). Just thinking about it makes me tear up.

    I made it so easy I even turned on the dryer before I went to bed. There’s no way I would have heard Dad buzz, or his entrance.

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