It’s the Little Things

I ventured down to the nearest outlet mall this morning, as Little Red is moving into 3Ts and I didn’t have any clothes for him!  (And I felt like I needed some retail therapy.  To most people retail therapy is dropping a few hundred dollars on the credit card from the mall, to me it is finally getting the things I need to get, on sale.)  I didn’t get as amazing deals as I had hoped, but some good prices, and spent enough money at Carter’s and Old Navy that I wasn’t sad when the bra store wasn’t having a sale on nursing bras.  I was so proud of the boys’ behaviour and proud of myself for sticking to the “has to be the right price” rule.

It was a quick, in and out trip (the best kind, in my book) and we made good time on the drive home.  I reached top speeds of 20 mph going through the 4 mile stretch of the East LA (delay) Interchange — very good given the holiday weekend.  We made the 15 mile drive home in about 35 minutes, which sounds bad to all of you who don’t know what it’s like to drive the I-5 through the city, but it was enough to make me happy.

While my landlord was fixing the toilet (yes, I finally reported that phantom flush) I was playing with the boys on the couch.  Little Red first asked to hold Early Bird, then asked for Early Bird to sit beside him.  Once positioned he directed me, “now take a picture.”  After I snapped a few shots of the two of them, he moved away and told me it was time to take photos of Early Bird by himself.  He cracks me up!


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