This Wasn’t in the Brochure

Raising really little ones, I can deal with.  Teaching middle schoolers, I can deal with.  Jealous two and a half year olds who don’t take naps, don’t listen, and don’t play nicely, I’m not so sure.  Usually I’m pretty confident that I’m at least OKAY as a parent, but today I’m really wondering if Little Red would not be better off with anyone but me.  I feel like I’m only one step away from being the ineffective parent of a teen parent.

Maybe tomorrow will be better.  My discipline trick has always been to keep busy, and tomorrow is jam-packed.


6 thoughts on “This Wasn’t in the Brochure

  1. Don’t worry, EVERY parent wonders if they are horrible when their kids are going through the terrible twos!
    Just remember that the purpose of ALL two year olds is to drive Mom crazy by being illogical, inconsolable, whiney, defiant, jealous of everything, and prone to LOUD tantrums. You just have to watch for rays of sunshine breaking through the clouds as you weather the storm! He’ll grow out of it and go back to normal in a year

    For the most part I hadn’t considered him to be in the “terrible” twos, but Tuesday was sure not our best day. Yes, it is nice to know it won’t be forever.

  2. It was hard but I found ages 3 and 1 harder. The thing that got me through was having some alone time with my oldest whenever possible. Tim or someone in my family would watch Ethan for a little while and Dakota would get my undivided attention for at least an hour. Really all they are craving is you.
    It will get better I promise. Distraction all works for that age. Just don’t do too much. at once then you have 3 cranky tired people.

    That’s half the problem: with Paul out of town none of us have had a break. You’re right about the 3 cranky tired people, that’s never helpful! That’s what was wrong with Tuesday, if he’d have napped then the baby would have rested and I, by extension, would have been more rested.

  3. It will definitely get better and it is tough – it is supposed to be. After all that is how we learn and grow and how we maintain our reliance on Heavenly Father to get us through the bad days – and believe me I have had A LOT of them. My Elizabeth was our colossal tantrum thrower – it was horrible and I felt like the worst mom ever – often I felt exactly as you do. I had to remember that was Satan’s tool to tear me down and I prayed and cried my way through. Now people are surprised to know she was my toughest two year old, and she is so much better now. We still have moments, even at 8 of getting angry and throwing a tantrum and storming off, but I just remind her of repentance and all that and give her time to cool off.
    They do get better – and though it might not be technically easier, it will be a different set of trials and sometimes those can be easier to deal with.
    Sending you hugs

    Oh goody, different trials. I thought I signed up for a break from trials at some point? 😉

  4. I thought the terrible twos were a joke! For me it was the terrible 3-5s!!! I feel like an inadequate parent almost every hour of every day! Don’t let it get you down! I know you are a wonderful mom! Besides, this too shall pass…at least when they turn 18 and move out of the house!!

    Thanks. It helps to know I’m not alone.

  5. I’ve asked myself daily, “Did I say something positive to Logan today?” There are days when it’s just so difficult, when they’re being difficult and when we’re being difficult. Those days pass and better days come. I spend everyday waking up wondering what my day will bring me now that there will be two of them. I know I will be where you are in just a few short weeks, and all I can say is, I will do my best.

    You’re better than OKAY as a parent. Just like there might be a day when I can’t remember what I said that was positive to Logan. I always know I said something, but sometimes he was just so incredibly difficult that day…tantrums, screaming, NO NO NO, but we work it out.

    Everyday is different. Some days are good, some days are bad…some days are just days. Just remember you’re the best parent for Reed and Owen.

    Okay…gotta go. Logan’s decided to start spitting milk on the floor. YAY for me!

  6. I’m so sorry to hear that you did not escape the (everything Feathersky described) two’s. Two was very hard with Will, Two with Syd seemed to be a lot easier. But then she is now getting into the independant, defiant threes. Just find things you as an adult can do to pull yourself through without completely loosing it.

    Well, you know how hard that is for me under normal circumstances. Thanks for the talk yesterday (before my phone died), that helped.

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