My Mum told me after Little Red was born, “you love those whom you serve.”  We serve our children most, was her implication, and I was probably nursing Little Red at the time. As I watch Little Red play with Earl Bird, kiss him, hold his hand, and offer his nose for a buffet, I […]

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I think I’ve said “I’m an idiot” a million times since Tuesday.  Paul, who is kind to a fault, keeps saying, “you’re not an idiot.  You just get flustery sometimes.”  Fine, but I’m still an idiot. But I’ve thought a lot about it, and started looking back at how many times I’ve been flustered lately, […]

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The Great Escape

When Paul’s alarm went off at ten to seven on Monday morning, I was beat.  We had, of course, stayed up late with his brother the night before.  Little Red asked one of us to hop into bed with him and I told him to climb into my bed.  He rolled over and closed his eyes, so […]

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Paul’s boss met us in line at the hotel on Saturday evening to ensure that our check-in went smoothly.  (Good thing: the hotel charges $20 for a crib and he decided to foot that, too.)  As they chatted, Paul and Jim, Jim casually said, “and tomorrow is suit and tie.”  We had already turned around (within […]

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