My Panacea is Magical

So Tuesday afternoon was not my finest day.  That’s just as well, as it was the motivation I needed to take the plunge and get that Disneyland pass I’d been dragging my feet over (you all know how I hate to spend money on anything.)  Our friends had asked to take Little Red (kids are free until they’re 3) to Disneyland, and I was ambivalent as to whether or not I’d go, too.  With how lousy I felt Tuesday I didn’t even care about the money, I plugged in my zip code online and bought my SoCal Select pass.  I was in survival mode.

My friend’s husband was getting off at noon so we waited for him, we all loaded into their big ol’ van o’ fun, and hit the road.  We made great time and entered the park in record time.  We were 3 adults, 2 2-year olds, 1 1-year old, and 1 infant.  We started in California Adventure Park and later moved over to Disneyland.  Little Red was delighted to be having so much fun with his best friend and I was happy that he was having a good time with me.  I was so glad I hadn’t decided to let them just take him, we all knew I wasn’t going to do that filing project anyway; I’d probably just mope around feeling lonely.

Early Bird was 9 weeks old that day, and contentedly spent the whole day in the sling.  He had his supper-time freakout, but that was no different than any other day.  He rode every ride I did, while I wore him, and I rode every ride Little Red rode. 

It’s so liberating to have a pass.  If the lines were long for something I just said, “it’s okay, we can do it next time.”  My friend turned to her husband and said, “I love it!  Did you hear that?  She said, next time.”  (It’s nice to know your friends like spending time with you.)  The whole trip was very freeing.

We put all the kids in their pyjamas before we left the park, as it was 8:45.  They slept on the way home, and while I had to wake Little Red to get out of the van, he was very happy to go straight into bed.  It had been a very positive day between the two of us, and just what we needed.

The next day, while I was tired (because I still didn’t get to sleep until 11:30 — I’m doing that a lot lately) I was emotionally rested.  I didn’t even care that I had spent $2 on a postcard.  I’m already planning my next trip — who wants to come?

6 thoughts on “My Panacea is Magical

  1. Me me me me me me meeeeee! Pick me!!!! If I still lived in Southern Cali, I’d SOOOO have one of those passes. I’d go all the time (in the middle of the week, during the school year… heh). One nice thing about going on a band trip is similar to having one of your passes. You are there for more than one day and can say, “This line is ridiculously long. Let’s try it tomorrow.” That’s the best way to do anything, in my book. Take it easy and not worry if you can’t make it all in one trip, knowing you’ll come back. It’s sooooo much more fun that way.

    You’re in the doghouse, missy. 😉 How many times have you come through LA without visiting me yet? I’m starting to think you only like me when we’re in different states… You talk a good talk and you like the idea of getting together, but I don’t think you really want to get together.

  2. It is only 6 hours from here to you…. We are actually considering getting a season pass for the family so we can come often. SH has a brother living in the LA area as well, so I will definitely join you! If not just the next time, perhaps the time after that

    Just let me know when you’re coming and I’ll be there! If it’s a black-out day for me then I’ll just meet you in Downtown Disney for lunch or something. (I got the no holidays or weekends pass because I don’t like people anyway.)

  3. Pleasant surprises could happen. I just wish things were more definite. (Fingers and toes crossed, you know how it goes.) People are working on it, anyway. There might not be a lot of notice. We shall see…

    Short notice works for me, I can still get there faster than you can. Crossing all appropriate digits for you!

  4. Sounds like so much fun! I’m glad you and Little Red had a good time together! If you are anything like me, you need those times to help you remember why you had kids!

    It was definitely a necessity last week. He needed it as well, as a reminder that I’m not a complete monster.

  5. How FUN!!! We got a zoo pass this year. This is the first time we’ve ever been stable enough to get a year long pass! Yay!
    I’m with you, I wouldn’t have any desire to go on a black-out day anyway!!!

    You’re first zoo pass? How exciting! When we first bought ours I really lost sleep over it (all $45 of it!) and now when it comes time to renew I don’t think twice, we definitely get our money’s worth! You’ll love having a zoo pass, and you’ll love seeing how much the kids learn about animals.

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