Suffer Silently, Talk Later

What a blur this spring has been! 

Today my husband returns home from Virginia where he has been for the past five weeks.  That’s right, folks, in the post-partum period when I was still dumping hormones left and right my grandfather died and my husband went to school on the other side of the country for five weeks.

The reasons he had only two GEs and a language exam remaining are complicated and irrelevant.  The reason he couldn’t finish up out here is simple: the math class was a hybrid that to complete at any other school would require three different math classes (and have I mentioned that he hates math?)  Being so close to the degree and not having it has been looming over our heads and has been a major stumbling block for us.  Finally this spring he declared, “my diploma’s going to say 2007 no matter what it takes.” 

It was around the birth of Early Bird that he discovered that finally the classes he needed were being offered in the same term, and a short, summer term at that.  He knew instantly that it was the right thing to do, and signed up.  Everything else fell into place: his boss gave him a 5-week leave of absence and even made Paul keep the company cell phone so they could stay in contact, which they have, Paul got an apartment with a family we knew back then who has fed him several times while he was out there and has allowed him the use of their car when he needed, and the Easter Bunny and my inheritance have covered the financial void of taking a 5-week leave of absence. 

We talked on the phone several times a day, and I posted flickr photos almost every day to keep him updated on the boys’ growth.  My stepmum came out for an extended visit (9 days as opposed to the usual 3 or 4) and my local friends did their part to keep us busy the rest of the time.  With all that, the days were still long, the nights were longer, and the weekends were nearly unbearable.  I did my best to hold it together to maintain normality in our home but will confess to a few midnight tears.

He passed his math class and got an A in the theatre history class.  We don’t have the grade on the Italian test but I know he did well on that, too.  He got a lot of laughs and compliments in the play.  He was also awarded the Presidential Scholar, a rare accolade for that school.   The boys and I won no honours, but have fared well.

He lands in an hour and a half in Long Beach and he’ll be home in about three hours (oddly, coming in on the same flight as our neighbours, who will give him a ride.)  Already, as I’ve gone about my Saturday chores I feel like those five weeks are peeling off me.  Already I’m forgetting that he was gone so long.  We’ll be back to normal in no time, and the rest will be just a memory (and a stepping-off point for bigger and better things.)

6 thoughts on “Suffer Silently, Talk Later

  1. If it makes you feel any better, I didn’t know your husband was gone, and you gave no indication of panic in your blog over the past few weeks. You made it as a single parent! You’re a brave girl, I don’t think I could have done that at all!

    Thank you. It’s really my style to suffer through things on my own and then open up about them once I’m done. I also kept quiet on this one because I didn’t think it wise to broadcast that the man of the house would be gone for five weeks. Most people at church didn’t even know.

  2. You’re such a turkey! Why didn’t you tell us that Paul was gone so that we could commiserate?!
    (actually I kind of understand, Nathan wants me to stop telling people about when he’s gone. it’s probably safter that way, but really, I have a big mouth) 🙂
    I’m glad that Paul is back home and that he did well in school! yay! Will this mean a new job or anything is on the horizon?

    Hopefully no new job in the short-term. It’s put the fear of Paul leaving into his boss so I expect to see some movement in that regard, and we hope to stay for mobility within the company so that the resume will be more impressive when we do start our job search and look seriously about leaving the state. (That is, of course, on the condition that I can stand my neighbours for that long, and as long as we can make it work financially to stay here.)

  3. It’s most definitely not easy being alone when you have kids. After last summer, I didn’t think this summer would be as difficult, but I’ve been proven wrong. I can totally understand where you are coming from, though not from the post partum part as of yet. I’ve been just at the prenatal part of things, worrying about what if baby decides to come early, but I will get to experience the post partum part of it myself shortly. Thankfully, my mother in law will be here until at least July 14th, so I won’t be completely alone for the first few weeks. After that, Jeff’s gone 10 days at a time and back for 4. Should be extremely interesting. It’s only short term though. Until the last week of August I think.
    Kudos for you to be able to do this better than I’ve been capable of doing. I hadn’t the faintest idea that Paul was even gone! Good for you keeping it “together”! That’s awesome!!

    You’d probably have known if I had been online more. Part of my survival was two-part: stay busy to keep Little Red happy, and also so I didn’t start feeling sorry for myself and telling everyone. 😉 I’m so glad Patty will be there to help you out with Jeff gone so much. There’s no way I’d have let my husband leave with Early Bird any younger than he was, you are one brave woman.

  4. I’m glad to hear that Paul’s back. I’m sure it’s been such a relief. I bet Little Red missed him so much.

    I’m discovering now how much he really missed Paul. He’s developping abandonment issues in nursery. 😦

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