You Play Cars With Me?

This morning when Little Red came into our room he hopped onto my bed and looked at Early Bird.  “Early Bird is bigger!”  he exclaimed, then continued, “Early Bird play cars with me.  Here, here’s tractor.”  He’s been waiting so patiently for his brother to get big enough to play cars with him and I guess he figured that 10 1/2 weeks is the magical age at which a boy is finally big enough to play cars.

3 thoughts on “You Play Cars With Me?

  1. Awww…soooooooo sweet!! Logan’s been telling me how he’s going to teach the baby to play with toys as well. He’s already putting toys on my belly for baby to play with.

    That is really sweet.

  2. How cute. Will has already started asking about “his baby brother” after this “baby sister to Sydnie” is born.

    And how do you feel about that?

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