It is different with two.  Don’t let anyone fool you.  I just browsed through the archives.  There were actually periods of my blogging during which I had something meaningful to say.  It’s not that I don’t want to be a Mommy Blogger, it’s just that I used to think I had more than just “the kids did this today…”

I actually felt a small twinge of jealousy today when a friend told me about her job.  There’s no way I could be the Mum I want to, and still work, but I really liked the idea of adult time (and let’s face it, we could definitely use the money.)  Tonight I refused to let Paul and the boys come with me, insisting that I buy milk by myself.  I just needed some time out the house and by myself.

I held it together for five weeks, but I am cracking this week in the evenings.  I hope I normalize soon.  And maybe someday in the future I’ll have something worthwhile to share with you guys — if you can hang around long enough. 


3 thoughts on “Ch-ch-changes

  1. Sometimes I sit in the car extra long after we get home so I can be alone. I also take baths or showers and do my crying if needed there. That way if someone comes in it looks like water. Occasionally I’ve been known to disappear on a weekend afternoon when Tim is home. That doesn’t happen often. When my kids were younger I didn’t go out much but now every so often, like last night, I get a girls night. But ususally my alone time is in the car or bathroom.

    I was getting tired of only getting bathroom time. Car time was great!
    I’m right with you with the crying in the shower. As soon as Little Red was old enough to say “Mummy is sad” when he saw me cry I nixed the public waterworks. Glad to hear I’m not alone!

  2. I’ve actually gotten quite good at leaving Logan with Jeff and just going to do grocery shopping on my own, in peace. I’ve already got plans with a few friends to take a “mommy night” and hit a movie or something after baby comes and Jeff’s home permanently. After last summer, I learned that I HAD to do something to get away once in a while for some “adult” time. It’s too easy to lose it when all you do is talk toddler!

    That’s awesome, I’m glad you have stuff in the plans. I’m still under the misconception that if I plan enough playdates and playgroups that it will feed my adult need. You’re wiser than I am.

  3. I hear you. I’ve found myself feeling that was after Syd was born. I know it’s only going to be worse after this baby is born. At least we have each other. 😉

    Yes, but you were gone when I was falling apart! It’s okay, I survived. But I hope to be around when you crack — with three little ones I can only imagine it’s worse!

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