I Love L.A.

We’re close to the beach, the desert, the mountains, and some ski resorts.  We have theatres, museums, parks, and amusement parks.  Boutiques abound.  It has never been more in vogue to have babies, so in addition to the baby boutiques, many of the museums and parks are very family-friendly and there are several museums devoted entirely to children.  You can take your Bugaboo* on a walk nearly every day of the year.

Aside from the lack of rain, the only thing I don’t like about L.A. are the people.  I’ve met some very spectacular people here, and I hope many of these friendships continue for the rest of our lives, so obviously I like some people here.   I just like my people.  The rest can go somewhere else.

(Now before you get into a huge tizzy by my use of the term “my people”, it’s not a racial, social, or cultural expression.  It means: my friends.  I don’t like people in general, just specific individuals.  I’m really a hermit.)

One of the main downsides of LA is the traffic.  Not a problem if there weren’t so many people.  It would then take me much less time to get to my favourite spots downtown.  Also with less people-less traffic, the air quality would show vast improvement, which is currently another downside to the area.  Additionally, without all the people we could revert all this excess cookie-cutter development back to orange groves and natural wildlife habitats.  This would mark, again, a major improvement in the local environment.

I realize I’m a bit curmudgeonly on the subject of people.  Without diagnosed agoraphobia it’s a bit uncharacteristic that someone my age would dislike people so much.  It’s not quite so strange, however, if you remember that I’m a transplant from the backwoods.  I do like LA, I just don’t like people.

If only there was a way that the economic infrastructure could survive the exedus of the superfluous crowds…

(your comments are not welcome if you wish to put a pin in my balloon — this is my dreamland, thankyouverymuch)

*note: I do not have a Bugaboo, but I know several people who do!


7 thoughts on “I Love L.A.

  1. i totally relate to this post. i love phoenix. i love the sun. i love the desert. i love the mountains. i even like the freakin’ cacti, and that’s not normal. 😉 but i’m moving towards leaving because of the people. it’s not that the people are bad, or unlikable… it’s that we’re from totally different worlds. i’m from trees, quiet, country and privacy. they’re from crowds, thundering stereos, 3 foot spaces. i’m from country roads, they’re from freeways. i’m from sunday rests, they’re from weekend chaos. i’m from small town, and they’re from giant city. i’m from doing the quick wave on a less travelled road, they’re from cutting off the next car on a busy street. i’m from noddin’ at the people you meet on the street, they’re from never noticing…
    i miss small town oklahoma. you just reminded me how much.

    I understand. Well, except about the cacti … I’m not so sure about that.

  2. This made me laugh. I could literally “hear” your voice in my head.
    Ditto everything Zoo said about Phoenix. That’s exactly how I felt for the three years I lived there too. Now that I’m in a smaller town with more idiot people I actually find myself missing Phoenix. At least they were a bit more organized in their chaos!

    Really? MORE idiot people in the smaller town? You need to come to L.A.

  3. I am with Karen. I totally knew what you meant, and I agree that you are also one of my people. I look forward to hearing what you have to say about life, I relish it when you comment on my blog, I am thankful that I was able to come to know you while in school. I must admit that I took the friendship for granted and didn’t pursue it enough. Oh to turn back the clocks!
    At least we have a connection today. I don’t take that for granted in the least.

    Wow, thanks! I feel the same way about you. I’m glad we’re friends.

  4. Being that we live in Edmonton, I feel much luckier that I can experience the “city” life and still feel comfortable in my “big city”. Being that I have been transplanted from the same place you are from, I too experience my days where people are simply not welcome, which considering my own personality, is a bit strange. You know me…I’ll talk to anyone. But I most definitely feel the same way about the larger cities. I avoid going to Calgary and Vancouver at all costs, because I would rather not deal with the people and traffic. I just find Edmonton to be different. Perhaps because it’s more spread out, or what, I don’t know…but Edmonton makes me comfortable. I find it to be like a big version on Whitehorse!
    I’m sorry if that doesn’t seem to make much sense. I’m so tired…please…someone get this baby outta me!!:) I’m a bit rambly lately…I have to apologize for that!

    I think I understood what you were saying. Actually, I feel that way about Vancouver.

  5. I’m definitely not a city girl. I think I would go mad in LA! Nashville is a great spot if you’re thinking of moving 😉 We’ve kind of got the best of both worlds, lots to see and do, not too much traffic (except at rush hour). But I guess we don’t have a beach, deserts, mountains, or ski resorts (except in the way eastern corner, smokey mountains), but we do have amazing greenery, rivers, and fun hiking trails (am I convincing you yet?)

    Until we just can’t stand our neighbours any more, or until we feel inspired to leave this job, I think we’re staying put. (It’s a small company so there’s no place to transfer, and we really like the boss and really think this job can lead to bigger and better things.) I loved Tennessee when we drove through (but if I had my pick, I’d probably move to the eastern part of the state — soooooooooooo beautiful) and we have always said we wouldn’t mind living there. But who knows where the wind will take us next?

  6. I can’t ever justify spending $800 on a stroller, no matter how much or little money I have.
    But if you had one, you could still be one of “my people”.

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