Blissful Boys

The boys, newly dubbed Guy Smiley and Captain Underpants, have been so much fun lately.  I can’t believe it’s been two and a half months and they still totally love each other.  Guy Smiley gets — you guessed it — smiley whenever his big brother gets into view and Captain Underpants gets downright giddy as he approaches his brother for a spontaneous kiss.  Every day he reminds me that the little guy is getting bigger and soon they can play cars.  They are so good with each other that I don’t even worry if I leave them both on my bed to go to the bathroom.  They just giggle and play with each other, and if Guy Smiley does cry then he’s quickly entertained by a parade of toys.

I think I won the lottery.


2 thoughts on “Blissful Boys

  1. You definitely won the lottery 🙂 But, just don’t get dissapointed when they eventually do start fighting, it doesn’t mean they don’t love each other, they just both want the same toy. 🙂 heh. That is awesome though, I am so glad that big brother adores little brother so much.

    What?!? Siblings fight? I’m so disillusioned . . .

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