Thursday’s Thoughts

It is two weeks to the day that Little Red decided he was no longer wearing diapers, but underwear (thus the new nickname: Captain Underpants.)  He stayed dry all morning, even telling me when he needed to go instead of going at a time I had insisted he try (which I’ve stopped doing because the candies were becoming less of an appeal and I didn’t want to have battles over the bathroom.)  He even stayed dry on our one-hour walk.  The breakthrough really started last night, when he told Paul at bedtime that he needed to go.  He was already diapered. 

Today, during the last second of moderate consciousness before I fell asleep completely Little Red wispered in my face that he wanted to go potty.  I thought he said he wanted to go play and told him, “no, not now, it’s nap time.”  He patiently repeated his request and I lugged myself out of bed. 

He did BOTH on the toilet!  I was so excited I took a picture (no, not of the poo, just of him.)  I IMed Paul at work, who wasn’t responding, and tried calling but only got the office voice mail.  I assumed that meant he was busy so I didn’t bother calling his cell. 

I wish I had called his cell and gotten it over with, as when we finally got to the business of napping, an hour and a half after we went upstairs, the phone calls started.  There’s a reason I don’t keep a phone upstairs, because I don’t want to answer it.  Today I could hear the ringing, faintly, which meant I was never totally asleep.  It was Paul, calling incessantly, because he thought we were DONE with naptime when the great news happened and not the other way around. 

How unsatisfying.  Well, I finally got up, leaving both boys sleeping so peacefully, and am waking myself up with nanaimo bars.  Dang it.  Who did I think I was, setting aside some that I won’t take to the International Marketplace enrichment activity tonight?  Did I really think I wouldn’t gorge myself on them?  Come on.

Blast.  I can feel myself getting thicker this week from all the snacking.  I really need to turn this around.  I’m going to Canada in less than two months (bought the tickets yesterday!!!) and I don’t want to be a fat blob whem I finally see my family.  I want to look GOOD. 

Well, instead of using my awake time to exercise I have spent the whole time iming and doing a stream-of-consciousness blog (never my best kind.)  Captain Underpants is calling me, “come on Mummy, come up.”  Naptime is over.  I didn’t even check the mail.

There are two nanaimo squares left in the fridge and they have my name on them.

For something that’ll make you laugh, read Josie’s blog.  Her kid cracks me up!

7 thoughts on “Thursday’s Thoughts

  1. Hurray for Captain Underpants! I am so proud! Throw that boy a party!!!
    The nanaimo squares sound devine, I am now salivating 😉

    We have potty parties every day; we’ve been rewarding him adequately, I think. Yesterday he was getting nanaimo bars with every major successful trip. After the BIGGIE he got another Cars car (I have a stash of “rewards” in my sock drawer.)

    Sending you cyber squares -no calories and they won’t melt along the way!

  2. YAY!! Talk about breakthroughs!!! We have been trying with Logan to potty train, but to no avail right now. He’s just too busy. He won’t even tell us when he’s already done something in his pants. It’s sometimes just a discovery! Oh well…at least someone’s having luck with it!!
    And yep, I got your email about Andy! That’s so cool! I can’t remember where it is though so I can read the comment!!

    Logan will come around when he is ready. Don’t worry. He’s a smart kid. It’s all about awareness and many of Little Red’s friends are already using the potty, so we knew it was only a matter of time before peer pressure did it’s thing. 😉
    The original Andy post was “La Just Milieu en Toutes Choses” and the follow-up was “The Cure.” I sent him an email reply to his comment and he has written back — he was “surprised and gladdened” that you remembered something so “small” as the incident with his brother on stage at YAC.

  3. Congrats on Captain Underpants! I can’t wait for that day. It must be very exciting.
    And so sad there was no nap for you. I honestly hate the “I’m almost asleep” and then something wakes you up. Blast.
    What are Nanaimo squares? I must become more cultured…

    Maybe I can help with that. I made two trays of nanaimo bars and the second is in the freezer. All you have to go is make the trek from Pas to Glendale and actually come visit us! (and if you’re stuck for excuses to come out here, I’m planning something that involves you and the food…)

  4. I had to google Nanaimo bars 🙂 They look great! Oh man, I’ve eaten SO terrible while on vacation this time! I’m going to have to exercise like crazy when I get back home (to also make up for the lack of exercise for the month previous…)

    Yay for Captain Underpants!!!! We’re going to start Jenacy potty training soon. She was acting REALLY ready before we moved, but now isn’t acting as ready. I think when things settle again she’ll be ready so we’re going to start preparing and hyping her up. Wow, I’ve been changing one kid or anothers diapers for 4.5 years…what will I do with myself when they’re both potty trained? 🙂

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